Pompidou Center

Pompidou Center – Cultural institution built at the end of the seventies of the last century. It became one of the most innovative buildings for Paris and caused a lot of disputes, both critics and praise.

Over time, conservative Parisians are accustomed to the center, and he turned into one of the most popular places among tourists. The authors of the building were deliberately made that all sorts of wires, cables and other engineering communications were open, they cover the external walls of the building, as if multicolored snakes. A few years ago, the building was reconstructed, there was more territory for exhibitions, updated lighting, a cafe and restaurant appeared. There are also cinemas that demonstrate old films and an extensive library, including recorded audio tracks recorded on.

Pompidou Center Sights of Paris Travel Guide

In the height of the roof of the building open interesting panoramic views. But you can only get a paid ticket to the roof. By the way, the lush entrance group does not have the building. But here there is a spacious square, which has long been chosen by various street artists, tourists and homeless.

Among the exhibits of the Center, the rich collections of contemporary art, and the expositions conducted in the Center are distinguished by progressiveness.

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