Pompidou Center celebrates anniversary

This year, one of the most famous Museums of Paris Center for Art and Culture George Pompidou celebrates the 40th anniversary. In honor of such an event, a large number of exhibitions will be organized, as well as theatrical performances and speeches of dance ensembles, reported on the site about the life of Paris. Moreover, not only Paris will celebrate, but also all France. The center of Pombida, in particular, organizes images of Paintings Henri Matissa in Lyon and Kandinsky in Grenoble.

The center was opened on January 31, 1977, Architects Richard Rogers and Renzo drunk became its creators. The museum was erected in the Bobur area, one of the oldest areas of the French capital. For its time, the building design was truly innovative and many critics ridiculed his appearance, resembling some factory. And now this art center has become an integral part of Paris, tourists come here not only to the exhibition, but also look at the building itself.

Pompidou Center celebrates anniversary

One of the most famous sights of the city center Pompidou made exhibitions organized here. Only for 2016 more than three million people visited here. The center is not only an exhibition space, this is a whole complex dedicated to culture. Here, in addition to the museum there is a library and the Institute for Music and Art Research.

Next year, Pompidou’s building closes for reconstruction, it is expected that it will last two years. The total cost of repairs will be 100 million euros. As the project organizers promise, the facade of the building will not change, it is planned to only replace the escalators located on the outside.

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