Pompeiy Swallow

Italy, undoubtedly, a fabulous country. And merciless. For she will tell you not only romantic Venetian or Florentine fairy tales, but also terrible, without familiar "Heppi Enda". Perhaps the most cruel of them – about the pompey.

Pompeii are located just half an hour ride from the beloved Italian city Alexei Peshkova. The passage to the time car that will take you almost a thousand years ago may well serve eight dollars. It is so much the entrance ticket to the cemetery of eternity in which Pompeius turned.

It seems that all the polls are Italians – Fatalists. Otherwise, how to explain their stubborn desire to settle in close proximity to the insidious Vesuvia? Not only that he equalized with the Earth and for many centuries I betrayed three huge cities forget, not counting hundreds of small villages. Volcano collects strength for a new eruption.

In accordance with the sad, but, alas, the unequivocal calculations of world weather forecasters and seismologists, Vesuviy is preparing to rush again until 2000. However, the stubbornness of Italians is easy to explain purely practical considerations.

Volcanic emissions and ash provided local soils unheard of fertility. So smashing the peasants of the earth, there are fields and several times a year they collect rich yields. And still hope for the best. Seismologists and weather forecasters promise in two months to report on Vesuviya eruption so that people manage to evacuate.

In the people, this terrible volcano is called "Bottle of champagne", For the plug formed in the crater is constantly smoking, and the characteristic smack is coming from it. And if you grow out, the plug with a huge force crashes, and then the hellish fire pillar will be caught up to heaven.

Our Guide Lyudmila was lucky to visit Vesuviya crater. Before there were organized excursions that occupied the whole day. Now for a reasonable reason for tourists try to keep away from the grand "Bottles of champagne".

– I was in the crater a few years ago, but now, with one memory, goosebumps flew on my body, – Lyudmila. – I do not know what you can compare this inexplicable feeling that swept me when I rose to Vesuvius, I saw the crater and presented the unspecified power melting inside to the pore.

I stood on a swirling crater and conscious that under me – a hole to the very center of the Earth, to the nucleus. They raging the hot lava, the fire buys, there is a crazy energy that supports our life, and, maybe, thanks to which the ball is flying in the universe.

River from the frozen lava, formed almost a millennium ago, was able to see us.

Until 79 years, our era of Vesuvius looked somewhat differently than now. We admired two majestic vertices of the volcano. Previously he had one "Mcushi", Much higher than the current. In 79, a third of the colossal mountain flew to the air. Volcano split in half, and the devilish fire broke out. Nine days over pompmya walked black rain. Pumice pieces and ashes covered the city of Tolstoy Nine-meter Savan.

The 15th centuries the Italians did not know that they live in the dead city. Units of eyewitnesses of the catastrophe of 79, have time to find salvation in the sea, tried to leave the Terrible shores forever. Excavations of legendary pumps began by chance and relatively recently. Until now, the city is not completely excavated. Who knows what other terrible surprises are in themselves the petrified ash of Vesuvia.

Couples of watches that are usually discharged for inspection of a dead city, lacking. Remember the Children’s Tale of Lost Time? In the pompey she becomes reality. Pompous arches for the millennium, spent under the ashes, did not lose their majesty.

Clay pots, neatly arranged on the shelves in the shop, until you tried 900 years ago – Modern tourists are not counted. Is it possible to present? The brain is not able to realize millions of missing time. Not existing for pompey. Fluent past them. Rather, above them. Mystic. How did Thomas Eliot wrote there in "Ash-ancient"? A, remembered: ". time is just time, and the place is a place and only place". Not about Pompeii Lee?

Palaces and small houses turned into one huge scary open-air museum. It is said that a person gets used to everything, but my glance is unable to get used to the luxury of ruin. No, not that. To destructive luxury. Again not that. To destroy luxury. It’s closer to the truth.

However, how can we express in the words of shine (yes, it is the shine) of the sweaty paints of the surviving fresco on the walls, warm from the scorching sun marble, in which no one will never swim, the perfect form of boulders on "Pedestrian crossing", which could be advanced in sandals, without fear to soak legs in the water, fledging between the stones.

Bakeries have been preserved, where they did pizza, shops where you could buy a couple of jugs of wine, peteed places. At the entrance to the bar – through a suited stone, in order to tie a horse while you are in the Pite. At the crossroads of streets – fountains with special recesses for hands to comfortably hold on when you lean to drink.

Pompeiy Swallow

And – stones, stones, stones. In the form of palaces, roads, arches, term, sculptures. Some of the grass makes his way, defending the right to life in this kingdom of the dead. And Macs. As a symbol of memory about the tragedy. Tribute nature – elements. That is, one part of nature is another part of it. I think I do not understand anything in this world.

The most terrible houses in the pompes – those where they are preserved. people. When excavations in the petrified ash, hollow recesses were found, which became graves of the dead. The deepening filled with plaster and made cast. People stayed in those poses in which their death fell. Someone ter eyes, which, apparently, shot a poisonous gas. Others held for the throat, choking. Lovers met death hugging.

About merciless luck, what you did? Although if it were not for your madness and cataclysms, we would never see the victim civilization, which existed the millennium back, and the legendary Pompei would most likely become one of the modern cities. Sometimes humanity is forced to pay too much worth knowledge.

Other highly oral historians and just inquisitive Khigi at every opportunity will not be promised to notice that Pompeii flashes the righteous wrath of God. For his inhabitants of the ears were mired in sin. It is worth viewing the paintings and sculptures, preserved almost in every home to understand that the cult of carnal love in the city was above all. According to legend, in the house where the wife was especially pleased with the lovers of her husband, a large unequivocal sign was hung on an external gate. And what? Let Fryigid Duries envy!

Yes, Pompeii called the city of Sodom and Gomorra, where rich and not very Romans came to have fun. But let the modern respectful Khigzhi respond: really there is no place in our time, where the entertainment of the sophistication of fantasy will not give up Pompsean? Oh, know.

The deceased city gave the world a lot of talented artists, musicians, jewelers. Do you know that the birthplace of lovers female jewelry – gamble – it is Pompeii? For another one hundred centuries ago, openwork camours on coral, pearl sinks, agate cut.

Still stone craft in honor of local masters. They are not dove: the demand for cameo is always. At the hotel "Victoria", Located at the foot of the Dead City, there is a factory and gamble store. Tourists are ready to leave here the latest money for coral ladies heads, agate paintings, pearl signs of love.

However, some are seduced by the purchase of similar goods from street merchants. This costs twice as cheaper, because the sellers have no trademark licenses (so they are trying to avoid paying taxes).

And about the last oddity of the Ghost City. On his bridge you will not find any abandoned cigarette, nor a single phantha. However, all since childhood know that it is not accepted in museums.

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