Pompeii reconstruct

Italy is one of the most popular among tourists from Russia of European countries. The most loved by our compatriots Resorts Rimini, Florence, Venice, Rome. But the interest of tourists gradually spreads to other Italian cities. Tourists even began to more actively attend Italian courses in Moscow and other cities to better communicate during the trip and can be given to less well-known places.

Pompeii – one of the places, on the one hand, very famous, and on the other – not so often visited by our tourists, such as Venice,. However, every day this Roman city visits up to six thousand people. And the Italian government decided to save this ancient Roman city from destruction. Already ready the project of restoration, which must be completed by the end of 2015. The reconstruction of the city will be carried out in several directions: research, strengthening existing buildings, security update, improved service for guests. Now Pompeii – an open-air museum and one of the most famous sights of Italy.

Pompeii reconstruct

The problem of its preservation has long been facing the government, since the buildings are regularly occurring. The last straw, forcing the Italians to take a comprehensive plan for restoring the monument to fall a part of the wall in one of the ancient Roman homes that occurred in November last year. It will not be reported whether the architectural monument will be closed for tourists at the time of restoration work.

Pompeii reconstruct

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