Pomorie. Resorts of Bulgaria

Pomorie enters the top three most famous resorts in Bulgaria. Fame of this unique place brought a salt lake, which produces salt and healing dirt. Salt is used in cosmetic production, and therapeutic dirt is used in the hospital and in almost all resort complexes. Neurological diseases, skin diseases and disorders in the musculoskeletal system are treated in the balnelastic.

But Pomorie is popular not only because of its database for treatment. Very good this resort and to relax on the sea. Here you can book a tour and make sure that the resort has all the conditions for resting the whole family. You can stay in hotels in this accommodation and renting a private accommodation. Such competition is pleasantly affected at prices. At their disposal of resting clean beaches and warm sea, which due to the geographical features of this place early warms up and remains long in autumn for a long time.

Resort may be interested in stories lovers. Not far from the resting place is the Thracian tomb in the Roman era, she served as a mausoleum. Interest can also represent the oldest monastery of St. George.

Pomorie also attracts tourists with its winemaking. Not far from the city is the largest wine plant in Bulgaria "Gold of the Black Sea". And the most popular wine cellar organizes trusting vintage wines and brandy.

Pomorie. Resorts of Bulgaria

On vacation in this beautiful corner of Bulgaria, you can do literally any sport. Popular among holidaymakers Water sports, such as windsurfing and diving. For tennis lovers there are wonderful courts. For fans of golf game there are wonderful golf courses.

For those who want to go to a stormy nightlife, there are good nightclubs and casinos.

In this beautiful fellow town of Bulgaria, you can rest perfectly, and say goodbye to many of your illnesses and illness. And then for a long time for winter evenings, remember the brightest pages of your holiday in Pomorie

Pomorie. Resorts of Bulgaria

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