Pomeranian museum

Pomeranian Museum Riekie – This is an institution uniting two old museums: Susac and urban. Pomor Museum is located in one of the old Rieki buildings, built in the XIX century in an unnecessant style. Initially, the structure was intended for the residence of the city governor – Its interiors are extremely rich and created by famous masters of Croatia and Hungary, and the park zone is stretching around.

Pomeranian Museum was created to study and collect information and items on the history of the region – After all, Rijeka has always been a cultural center of the district. The museum exposures are distributed by departments: archeology, marine case, ethnography, sculpture and t.D. Here are collected rich collections of prehistoric and ancient times, a collection of special ship equipment with cards and charts, the works of blacksmith masters of the city are presented.

Pomeranian Museum Sights of Rijeki Travel Guide

A significant part of the museum is occupied by ethnographic exhibitions: it is especially interesting to the interior items and the era of the Renaissance and personal collections of famous figures of the region. The attention of visitors attracts rich ceramics, decor and interior and metal interior items, as well as the most interesting meeting of the watch XVIII–XX centuries from Masters of Hungary, England and Switzerland.

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