Geological natural stone Pomegranate It is of interest on the edge of the South Czech city Tabor, in particular, near Katnov, on the right bank of the River Luzhnica in the area called «Under the rux». The rock rises from a steep slope, covered with trees and shrubs to a height of almost six meters.

This is a huge boulder in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped with a deepening in the middle, which consists of metamorphic pegmatite breeds. The most interesting thing in this rock is that in large numbers there are various sized grenades. This, of course, is not a weapon, but minerals. The largest of them is close to the size of the hazelnut.

Pomegranate rock Sights of the Tabor Travel Guide

From a professional pomegranate – This transitional stage between Almanandin and Spesartin, the pomegranate is painted with color from dark brown to red. At the bottom of the rolling of pomegranates will not see, as visitors do not always behave correctly, although the stones are categorically prohibited. Here, only small holes remained from the pomegranates. Rock once was much more, but building material was mined for the construction of buildings and roads.

The rock is in free access, you can come from the katnov tower through the green track, this is the shortest way.

Pomegranate rock Sights of the Tabor Travel Guide

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