Pomegranate holiday in Azerbaijan

Annually, on October 26, the International Grenade Day is celebrated in Azerbaijan. The mass eating of this king of fruit will continue for two weeks, that is, until November 7. By this time, the collection of pomegranates in Azerbaijan is traditionally completed. And although the fruits of the pomegranate during this period are usually not so smooth, and externally not very beautiful, but the grains are very tasty.

The main events related to the holiday of pomegranate are held in Gayache – the city, which is the official center of pomegranitia in Azerbaijan. Here is the only grenade museum in the world. The area allocated to the cultivation of this culture in the Geochasky district is 4 thousand. hectares, annually bringing the harvest of about 30 thousand. tons. The local population is granted songs and poems about grenade, because the collection and implementation of this king of fruit is the only source of income for them. There is even a local belief that the fruit in the Garden of Eden was actually a grenade, writes TopAuthor.Ru.

Before receiving guests, all residents of Gaging put their city in order, decorate it and prepare an entertainment program, with a nail of which will be the fair of pomegranates, which is carried out on the central square.

At the fair, everyone can try the most ripe and delicious fruits, pomegranate juice, as well as various dishes prepared from pomegranates or with their addition. Of course, consistently popular uses here, pomegranate juice, which is considered the highest quality. You will tell you what diseases you can cure with the help of a pomegranate and pomegranate juice, get acquainted with the ways of cooking dishes with a grenade and will tell a lot of interesting things about these fruits.

Pomegranate holiday in Azerbaijan

For example, the decoction of a pomegranate root is used to remove all kinds of pains, and the juice can be rubbed into the skin to normalize digestion. In addition, this amazingly useful fruit is widely used in the preparation of various dishes. The fairs also have the opportunity to try folk medicinal drugs or pomegranate jam. During the festive festival, each visitor receives a grenade as a gift.

Also in Gayache, exhibitions are organized, on which all those grown in the range of varieties are. It should be noted that Azerbaijan is the only country in the world, which today it can boast that absolutely all grant varieties grow on its territory, and they are about 760, and together with varieties, including wild grenades. It even grows a special kind of this fruit, the seed of which is so soft that he got a name "seedless".

In the largest Gayache Park of Heydar Aliyev Park – there are speeches of athletes, numerous contests are held with awarding awards, including a competition, which determines the largest fruit of the Gaished grenade. The final troop of the holiday, there will be a grand concert with the performance of famous singers and artists, and at the very end – an enchanting firework, which will light up with its fabulous light, all sky over the city.

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