Polotsk (POLOTSK)

Polotsk (POLOTSK) – Ancient city in the Vitebsk region in the north of Belarus. Population – 81,700 people (2007).

The first mention of Polotsk in the chronicles refers to 822.

In the spring of 2008 Specialists of the RUE «Beelocosmotegeezia» found that the Geographical Center of Europe is located in Polotsk. Later, these calculations were confirmed in the our Central Central Committee of Geodesy, Aerials and Cartography. On May 31, 2008, a memorial sign "Geographical Center of Europe" was established in Polotsk. Now everyone who visits Polotsk can get a memorable certificate that he visited in the heart of Europe.

Bori&# 769; owls stones – huge (up to several meters) boulders with crosses embroidered on them and various inscriptions (usually containing text «Lord Pomsou») We were located along the flow of dvina and on land. Their appointment is not entirely clear. According to some versions, the stones marked the routes of trade routes, in others – were previously sacred stones on the heads of the pagans, and the cross and inscriptions were out of them in the Christianization of the population. Stones are put on the orders of Polotsk Prince Boris Veslavovich, and often contain his name in inscriptions. Hence the name.

These stones actively destroyed in Soviet times during the fight against religion. Four stones have survived – one in the other (split into two parts in Soviet times), another near the Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk, the third – in Moscow in the Museum-Reserve "Kolomenskoye", and the fourth – the so-called "twitching cross" – stands in the village of Kameno Minsk region.

Epiphany Cathedral – Orthodox church in Polotsk, part of the complex of the Epiphany Monastery, a monument of architecture of the XVIII century. The cathedral was built of stone, in 1761 the monks began construction, and on August 5, 1777, the Cathedral was consecrated. At first, the Epiphany Cathedral was a single-oxide cross-dome stone temple with a two-bashing main facade, but later repeatedly rebuilt. In Soviet times, the cathedral was closed, converted to the gym, since 1981 it was located picture gallery. In 1991, the cathedral was re-opened for worship services.

Polotsk (POLOTSK)

Sophie&# 769; ya cathedral – Cathedral of the city of Polotsk, built between 1030-1060. Construction is associated with the transfer of the city center from the old township. After perestroika, the Cathedral began to present a threefold single-oxide basilica focused on north. From the south side to a height of 50 m, two symmetric towers rose. Cathedral is part of the Polotsky Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve.

In the concert hall of the Sofia Cathedral annually in April and November there are festivals of ancient and modern chamber and organ music, every Sunday – concerts of organ music performed by the soloist of the concert hall.

Spaso-Efrosinyev Monastery – Female Orthodox Monastery in Polotsk, one of the most revered monasteries of the our Orthodox Church. Founded by the Holy Principal Effrosion of Polotsk in 1125, when she settled near the Transfiguration Temple in the village. In 1161, zeal. Effrosions Reverend was erected by the Stone Savior-Preobrazhensky Cathedral – the most preserved monument of ancient Polotsky architecture. In this temple, Rev. Euphrosinia in 1161 sacrificed the gilded paradise cross (Cross Euphrosynia Polotsk) with particles of the relics of many holy and life-giving Cross Christ.

In 1921, the monastery was closed, the cross was requested, in 1928 transported to Minsk, in 1929 – to Mogilev. In 1941, during the Great Patriotic War, the cross of the European Union Polotsk disappeared without a trace and still not found.

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