Politics in the world

Country of contrasts – Inshallah

Morocco and poor and rich country at the same time. Rich, because bauxites go to export throughout the world. Fertile soil, luxury forests, thousands of kilometers of ocean coast. Read more →

Vladimir Antonov | October 2018

our travel to Poland

our Pole recognizes from afar, and how about the opposite, or the journey of the ours to Poland. In Polish cities: Gdansk, Malbork, Sopot, as well as Krakow and Auschwitim. Read more →

shym v yshah | Summer 2015

Two Korea: North Korea

Looking at the prosperous South Korea and remembering the half-starving northern, it becomes sad from understanding that the Soviet Union is guilty of that. Read more →

Anatoly Strined | Autumn 2012

Politics in the world

Kyiv. Mikhailovskaya Street. From Maidan to bi bi king

Street is a shortest but saturated. She really begins on the Maidan, chirks him from the right edge. Starts from Maidan, then upstairs, in the hills, ends with Mikhailovskaya Square read more →

Haydamak | Autumn 2016

At the bottom of the cooled boiler

In order not to create prerequisites for rude discussions on the topic of a sharp Ukrainian question, I decided to try from the report on my visit to the Donbass to publish only photos. Read more →

Politics in the world

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