Polish visas at reduced prices

Last week, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs made an official application for decline in payment for entry visas to Poland for citizens of Russia and Belarus. New tariffs were to start acting from July 15. Now the final date of introduction of special sections for visas is August 1.

Currently, one-time visa costs $ 35, and multiple – $ 58. As the correspondent explained "I" At the Consular Department of the Polish Embassy in Moscow, from August for a single crossing of the Border of Poland will have to pay only $ 5 for multiple visas (for a period of half a year) – $ 14.

Recall that the tightening of the border regime with the Eastern neighbors (the introduction of new forms of invitation, visas for us and Belarusians and.D.) Poland went at the beginning of this year – under the pretext of the future entry into the European Union. As a result, the Polish economy suffered huge losses in four months. Melco-winding buyers from Russia and Belarus abandoned travel to Poland, reoriented to Lithuania and Turkey.

Polish visas at reduced prices

The demand for the products of Polish deals. And since tens of thousands of firms and enterprises are entirely dependent on the sale of their goods to Russia and Belarus, a wave of bankruptcies and more than 200 swept around the country.000 Poles turned out to be unemployed. Meanwhile, the EU countries did not show interest in the salvation of Polish firms and business circles of Poland, did not remain anything, how to demand the abolition of a new order crossing the border.

Note, however, that the Polish government did not go to the abolition of visas. Therefore, in the future, citizens of Russia and Belarus will have to comply with the rules of entry, introduced by Poland from January 1. We travel to a tourist ticket trip must be submitted on the Polish border of the passport and tourist voucher confirming the payment of accommodation in the hotel for the entire period of stay in the country. Making a visit to individuals or organizations it is supposed to make a passport and an invitation certified in the internal affairs bodies in all form. The same, who does not have the opportunity to receive an invitation, it is necessary to issue a visa.

Polish visas at reduced prices

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