Polish national secrets

Do not be surprised if the skinhead, accidentally coming to your foot, will be angry. Poles make it on the machine. Frames of claimed politeness much wider than in other countries.

Poles to unfamiliar people turn to "you", connecting the design of Pan / Pani / Państwo (Mr. / Madam / Lord). Call unfamiliar "man" (mężczyzno), "Woman" (Kobiito) in Poland is unacceptable. At the same time, the appeals "Girl" (Panno) or a "young man" (Młody Człowieku) are used by the elderly in relation to truly young Poles, but are considered obsolete.

Etiquette is observed in business correspondence. And here, a foreigner must be attentive – for example, in a statement about employment, write a little: "Director Kovalsky: I ask me to work" (this is non-ultimate). Be sure to apologize for concern. To the director to contact "Dear Director! Very, very much I ask me to go to work, "explain why you should be employed and how much you will be grateful for it.

2. They adore complain

Complain – this is a favorite sports Poles. Do not try to compete with them. The answer is "all good" to the question "How are you?"It is considered indecent (as" good "? This is suspicious!). Life can not be easy and good! Poland is a "quiet harbor" with growing GDP in Europe submerged in crisis. Well, yes, it seemed not to feel the crisis, but in Germany the freeway is still better.

3. They agree to suggestions with the third time

This Pole will refuse several times before agreeing, for example, to treat (immediately agree to agree to. In Poland, despite the number of failures, the guest will feed in any way, but abroad with their habit of abandoning the politeness of the Poles, it happens, hungry. So if the Pole will turn out to be at home – offer at least three times: help, food, any convenience, will see – the first time you do not get a positive answer. Well, maybe only if this instance has suffered enough abroad.

4. They are very religious

Poles are very religious, every Sunday Most goes to church. Everyone is honored to celebrate Easter and Christmas, and the most important holidays in the country – Catholic. Many Poles share life for periods: from baptism to the first communion, from the first communion to the world conjunction, from the world to wedding, from the wedding to death. Passerby in communication with the boy may well ask if he has already had a ritual of the first communion or only?

Even marry the Pole means "to marry". In Poland, it is customary to fasten the bonds of marriage in the church. At the same time, the latter even replaced the registry offices, as the priests draw up all state documents. What is interesting, in a white wedding dress, the girl can only be married. It is not customary to wear for a civil ceremony in the registry office.

5. They are massively learning

In Poland, higher education is no longer prestigious or fashionable, it is necessarily. Everyone learn is not always clear why, but the fact is that the position of the cleaner without at least secondary education is hard to get. Unfortunately, the cult of education does not go paired with material compensation for labor invested in studies. Anecdote Popular: An illiterate Yasha’s mother cannot find a job for minimal money (with a big salary he will leave in the cock), because such small salary only for people with higher education. But here we come back to the theme of "People’s Sport".

Polish national secrets

6. They are rude food

Poles take care of their children and other relatives living in other cities. Sveta, that is, the bank is an integral attribute of each Polish family, which sent a child to study or husband on a business trip. In these banks, they carry the mother’s food for the entire long week: soups, second dishes, sauces, salads, pickles and canned food. Without it, it is impossible to live in Poland, every resurrection all cars, buses and trains are simply filled with banks, and on the road, sometimes the characteristic sound of the glass walls are sometimes heard on the road. If Polish students were forbidden to carry banks, they would die of hunger.

7. For them, all the nations of the former USSR is our

For Poles, everyone who lives in the East from Poland, ours. It happened since the times of the USSR, when any citizens of the Union called our. Therefore, do not be surprised if, informing the Pole that you arrived from Belarus or Ukraine, you suddenly hear from the interlocutor: "Well, how are you in Russia?"

eight. They love torture 1 foreigners

Here cream 2 grow on trees. In the crypt 3 you can buy a gun 4, full beer. Children entertain parties 5 . Poles, honestly, not the most organized nation in the world, so very often they remember something 6 . 7 7 and guess 8, when they stumble 9 with friends. Glamorous girls attend the salons freaks 10 . On the sofas 11 go, from chairs 12 eat, watching to preserve a profitable stomach 13 . The country is prosperous – in each city Palace 14, and each Pole has its own building 15 . Everyone who works is to retire 16 and weeks 17 usually rest.

Polish-our Dictionary
1. Pytać (torture) – "Ask".

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