Small resort town Policy Located on the coast, in the north-west of Cyprus. The beaches of the North-West Island are different from the south side, it is much calmer here. In addition, the antique monuments preserved from ancient times create favorable conditions for cognitive tourism, and Nature intact man will plunge into an incredible tropical world of the surroundings.

Secluded, separated by green thickets Beaches of the city are ideal for family holidays or for romantic evenings. From the central part of the city to the coastal strip can be easily reached on foot in just 10 minutes.

Wonderful miraculous places of almond and tobacco grow around the polis. Polis does not call the main tour center of Cyprus, because of the life of citizens flowing his, leisurely. The main activity of the inhabitants comes down to household and fisheries. By the way, it is here that the port is located for fishermen from neighboring settlements.

Polis is famous for its fish fairs. The resort offers ample opportunities for an interesting holiday: you can ride horses, splash in clean sea waters, sunbathe, rent catamarans, ride around the surrounding area and, of course, to pay attention to the Akamas Reserve.

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What is interesting to see in Polis?

Top sights Polis

Village in Laca

Akamas National Park

Byzantine Museum Arsino Peristeron

Museum of Marion Arsino

Beach Limnes

Policy: excursions and events

Tourists who come to Cyprus are most likely to be sought under the hot sun and splash in warm azure water, rather than wander through the exhausting excursions. But all, the policy offers several fascinating and interesting sightseeing routes by major local attractions.

First of all, it is worth paying your attention to the reserved zones of the Akamas peninsula. With numerous hills, you can overlook Cypriot landscapes and marine spaces. Each trail, permeating park, is ready to bring curious holidaymakers for cozy, almost deserted beaches with snow-white sand. Park area reaches more than 300 square meters.

Wonderful opportunities for cognitive tourism create villages, races in the vicinity of town. For example, you can get to the village of Lychee, where life flows as a man. Locals are closely engaged in agriculture. A separate place for hiking excursions occupy beaches, clean, endless, secluded. You can complete your campaign with a small archaeological museum that stores the exposure in its walls, which contains valuable exhibits found during the excavation.

History of Polis

Climate in Polis

Polis, Cyprus Reviews, Reviews, Hotels of Poland Tourprom Travel

Cyprus climate has long attracted tourists from all over the world. Everyone is in a hurry to relax under the rays of the roast, the scorching sun and hide almost in year-round warm water. Thanks to the subtropical Mediterranean climate, the sun shines almost all year in the Polish (more than 300 days).

It is best to go to these edges in the summer, the probability of precipitation during this period is very small. In winter, many precipitation falls, and this factor can ruin the long-awaited vacation. The average summer temperature confidently keeps at the level of 30 degrees in the afternoon, in the evening the thermometer column is rarely lowered below 20 degrees.

Policy: Entertainment and Active Rest

Polis, like any other city of Cyprus Island, offers a lot of entertainment for outdoor activities. First of all, it is worth noting numerous natural attractions that can be explored all day. It is best to rent a bike and go to ride around the narrow streets of the city, and then turn on the winding paths of the reserved zone Akamas, which occupies a whole peninsula.

The park is not bad to walk on foot, from time to time, while having comfortable leisure bears. On the territory of Akamas is a bathing of Aphrodite, which, after giving, was born here. In addition, on the ride around the neighborhood and relatives of the village can be sent to the horses. Pleasant pastime guaranteed. Moreover, horsepaths run through picturesque villages and flowering valleys.

Among the active types of recreation prevails. Both in the policy itself and nearby many equipped and wild beaches. Especially popular is a yacht sport. Locals are even once a year to organize official competitions. You can rent water skiing, catamarans, boats, play volleyball or simply relax, spreading on a deck chair near the Blue Sea.

Transport features Polis

In general, the Cyprus transport system is developed on sufficient tourism level. It is worth considering that the resort town of Polis is not at all big on the square and resting quite yourself can move on foot. If we are talking about excursions to nearby territories, villages or plantations, you can use public transport: by bus. Taxi services also operate. But it is best to rent a bike and engage in an active sport, on the way inspecting the main sights.

For those who are accustomed to comfort, a car rental is offered. For this, only the right and some amount of money will be required.

Polis, Cyprus Reviews, Reviews, Hotels of Poland Tourprom Travel

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