Police found a family of "Blokur" girls from the Gypsy Tabor in Greece

An unexpected development received a loud story with a blonde girl, found during a special operation in one of the Tsygan Tibors in the north-east of Greece.

After genetic analyzes denied the relationship of the Blond girl Mary with the raising her gypsies, the search for her real parents turned around the world.

And the Gypsy imaginary parents in the meantime were arrested on suspicion of abduction. It is already known that in the Tabor, the child was engaged in collecting the apps in the resort area. The girl speaks only in Gypsy and almost does not understand the Greek language.

In the photo below the parents of Mary from the Gypsy Tabor:

Girl’s parents were looking for worldwide through Interpol, and found in a small Bulgarian village. As the police found out, and how the DNA tests have already proved, the real parents of Mary are Sasha and Atanas Rosewas, living with ten children.

Mother Mary did not deny that being in Greece in 2009, gave birth to a girl and gave it to unfamiliar people, because it was not even suspected about the existence of condoms ..

In the photo below the biological mother Mary:

Police found a family of

If the police officer succeeds in prove that the girl’s biological mother sold the child to the gypsies, it faces up to 6 years in prison and a large fine

10,000 dollars.

The most interesting thing is that the biological milf of a blond child is also a gypsy.

Now Greek social services are conducted by investigations, based on the results of which will decide what to do with the girl is to return it to the Gypsy family, to biological parents, transfer to the orphanage or define in a selection family.

Police found a family of

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