Police Dubai. Price list of commercial services

Police in Dubai is almost not visible. On the streets we meet with them mainly in cases where you have such a need. Call on the phone, and they immediately roll. As a rule, together. At the intersections, police duty only at large accidents or visits of important persons. Walking rarely; Ride on "Mercedes", BMW and first-class motorcycles. It looks respectable in the elegant shape of sandy color and red leather boots. On the roads to their services, radars, in the crowd – informants.

With the invisible, the backstage of the order in Dubai, I had to deal with only twice. For the first time, when driving from my house, a neighbor car scratched. It was earlier morning. In the yard nor soul. Only near the little shop opposite the Emirates stood in the White Dolgoptol Robe – Dishdashe – with a package of fresh pellets. Examining the places of car contact and finding that nothing dramatic did not happen, I left. Upon returning to Corporal drew attention to the blinking of the red eye of the answering machine. Included Record: Police invites you to drive to the area due to damage "Volkswagen" this morning. If you do not hit until the day, the case will be transferred to court.

In the site I was familiar with the reporting of the informant, who, with me, once again confirmed the district, where he stood that he saw how he said a neighbor, and I guess the story of the morning man with cakes. By the way, I note that a neighbor, a citizen of one of the Middle Eastern countries, soon also appeared in the plot and began to extort money. Despite the fact that both cars were insured, and damage did not even deserve a conversation.

I refer to this just because the episode ended unexpectedly: district, Sudanese by nationality, after an hour of pribilation with a consistent lady gave it the required 60 dollars to close the case. When she left, I have remained to pay off the police for his generosity and philosophical stoicism: the conviction of extortion in disrespecting him. And also for sympathy for the culprit of the incident. That is to me.

Another time on journalistic deeds I came to the department of immoral offenses of the chief police department and met his boss to receive information from him first-hand. In the next visiting, entering the open door of the office, I found him speaking by phone in our obviously with the maiden. At the end of the conversation on my question, what kind of our girlfriend is helping with him in the morning, the captain answered shortly, also in our: "Stukachka".

Dubai police informants Dubai police have in every colony of foreigners. They work, of course, not disinterested. This practice may be represented, but allows the police to monitor the order, without informing his own state and saving on a monthly salary, uniforms and pensions.

"Stukacham", Of course, you have to pay for the information sold by them and conscience, but, apparently, pay for specific "services" Cheaper than keeping and teaching for the same goals a big police corps. In the police of Dubai, where the population exceeds 800 thousand people, and in prisons there are almost 6,000 prisoners, police uniforms carry only 11 thousand men and women. Printing recognizes that the federal government allocates millions of dirhams to pay for the work of informants in a multilingual environment of foreign labor masses, significantly exceeding the number of indigenous emirates.

Dubai police, as I was convinced, and herself knows how to make money. In general, it deserves to be marked not only for politeness and respect for the population, but also for commercial ingenuity. Thus, the police reconciled private companies to preparing applicants for driver’s license, leaving the main thing – receiving exams that bring good revenues to servants of the road order. Service, supply and food provision of a number of police sites that have a preliminary location sites are privatized. This allowed to reduce the cost of their content several times.

Providing transfer to private hands of embassies, consulates and international representative offices. The question of privatizing the protection of the largest airport in the Middle East, through which about 12 million passengers take place every year. In the queue – transfer to the private hands of urgent medical services included in the competence of the police and the treatment of drug addicts in rehabilitation centers.

There are services and not at all profile. The leadership of the Dubai police, for example, with pride announces that specialists received consultations in a local prison, one graduate student, finalizing the dissertation on the trade and economic topic. So he left the camera with a significantly increased scientific level.

For the first time, an attempt is made to privatization and the very place of conclusion. Transfer to private owners of a local prison is considered one of the most difficult tasks, but the emirates are determined to solve it. A new treason house is built "for growth": It is no longer calculated for six, but for nine and a half thousand of the arrestants. As long as construction, the police general has time to study international experience.

A new prison will surely please the future guests. It has about 70 million dollars on its construction. Prisoners will be contained in chambers designed for 8 people and equipped with air conditioning, fans (maybe for safety netting?) and bathrooms. In prison, paid linguistic, computer and other courses will work, which will allow prisoners to implement the popular Arab proverb: "Strive to knowledge even in prison".

Teachers of one of the specialized colleges received the right to train prisoners and work on the Internet. All prisoners are given the opportunity to communicate with the computer for an hour with the assistance of the teacher. Upon completion of the 35-hour training program, conscientious students will receive appropriate certificates giving the right to work on the chosen profession. For a new gray fence, a business center operating in older prison walls, equipped with phones, faxes and computers. Celi are built for marital meetings – solitude is guaranteed. These quiet joys will also be paid.

In general, if the prison does not pay for itself, it will not be in the state. This means that the corpus of the servants of the order can continue to receive good content, will retain politeness in handling the population and will not be reborn in "Sondercoma".

"Many say, and we do", — This is the official motto formulated by the chief of the Dubai police, the heated prince of Emirates Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktumum. Fill it with a specific content – the task of local "Gaishnikov". However, this domestic term is not too suitable for scented, exceptionally correct and attentive Dubai police officers. In principle, they perform the same, but do not lie anyone, they do not demonstrate to motorists of harsh appearance of road power. And drivers not only do not fear them, but we are glad to see a police car, modestly moving near the roadside of the main highway at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. This is a guarantee – in case of need, immediately will be given.

Dubai is solidized by the web of the transport junction and the hoist. Constructed overpass in the area of ​​the international airport. Reconstructed road network in prestigious Jumeyr. Immotorous work of intersections prevents automotive traffic jams. Accordingly, the speed of movement in the city streets is growing, which is in different sections – 80, 100 and even 120 kilometers per hour.

I do not intend to inspire the readers a thought that Dubai is a car paradise. From drivers here are required permanent vigilance and attentive reading of road signs. Foreign tourists leaseing more than 300 cars for traveling around the city, especially Europeans who are accustomed to their homeland to the driver’s consideration and altruism, often become indirect culprits of accidents – are lost in the unexpected change in the road situation or aggressive neighbor ride through the strip.

Friendly mutual understanding on the highways find rarely. Local motorists like emirates and Asians do not like "Teapots" on highways. If in our cities the qualified participant of movement is, as a rule, a taxi driver, then in Dubai, a taxi driver, especially if he is Afghan or Pakistani, – just a source of danger. He clearly knows only his right and, if something unforeseen, not stacked in the usual scheme, is logical to comprehend this and instantly change the maneuver is not able to.

But the most dangerous moving object is an SUV with the emirate young men driving. Young driver self-confident, Lych and, accelerating neighbors on the highway sound and light, hurries to squeeze out of the engine all its capabilities. So you will get to Dubai – remember: from the juncs on wheels it is better to stay away. But the woman behind the wheel – the driver is neat and pleasant in all respects.

Care should be observed when meeting with Drivers-Arabs or Indians. On police statistics, the first to take half of road accidents, on the second there are little less – 45 out of 100. Europeans, corrupted by the softness of Western road rules, most often commit accidents when they sit behind the wheel in a state of tops. But in general, this is rare in Islamic Dubai: out of every one hundred accidents only 9 are performed by drunk shocheft.

The traffic police are practically freed from the ridge at the smokey intersections under the scorching sun. It has no relation to the collection of fines. Calm and invariably welcoming police appear only at the site of the accident to assist. Will make an act, if necessary, will cause physicians, they will sympathize with the victims, but will not allow themselves to reproach to the culprit of an accident – he is so experiencing stress, and ahead – punishment.

"Black work" and punitive functions performing equipment – radars. They keep order, save lives and retain a fleet. Strict and incorruptible electronic guards worth almost every sign of speed limit. Some of them are trusted control of traffic lights on lively street intersections, taking into account the intensity of motion.

About the hundreds of radar installations are combined with photographing video cameras and connected to the penalty system. Already in 0.8 seconds after fixing the violation, the camera takes pictures of the license plate of the car exceeded the limit speed or crossing the stop line at the traffic light. In a second, a second shot is made in case at the last moment the violation was discontinued. First punishment – a fine from 50 to 150 dollars. In the second and subsequent disorders, the car is added to the confiscation of the car for up to two months. With a systematic violation of the order on the roads, drivers are deprived of rights and can claim new in general only after six months.

Before the traffic police, all are equal, since the technique is impartial and deprived of a breath. Finals are subject to all violators from the taxi driver to the minister. For example, the Prosecutor General of Dubai Ibrahim Papers, which in the second half of last year 24 times violated road rules, with annual exercise "Mercedes" I had to allocate almost one and a half thousand dollars for fines from the family budget. Head of Dubai Police, General Dahu Halfan, for the same period paid more than $ 200 fines.

The point is not in the special integrity of Dubai police. Just computers analyzing violations are completely devoid of kindness and deal with impersonal license plates. Even at the last stage of the calculation, the penalty is most often paid by the machine. Chain: "Violation – punishment" works clearly and provides a good educational and prophylactic effect. After the movement announced in the print control on the most dangerous junctions, for seven months of this year, it was possible to achieve a double reduction of accidents and sacrifice compared to the same period last year.

Thanks to the skillful organization of the movement, the situation in Dubai roads is much safer than in all Arab countries and even some European. For 100 thousand people here account for about ten road accidents with tragic consequences. However, the police of the Emirate set itself a new ambitious goal – to catch up in ensuring the safety of motion in northern restrained and cautious scandins. And they have 100 thousand people on the roads are recorded no more than 7 fatal outcomes.

Police Dubai. Price list of commercial services

This year, a new campaign began in Dubai – to achieve an increase in distance between moving vehicles. Studies have shown that the cause of 65 percent of the autoavary is non-compliance with the proper interval between the machines. On long-distance trails there is a distance of 123 meters at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour. On the urban streets the interval is determined by the rules of the road. Three times violated the prescription will lose the car – it is his, not right – a period of a week. Subsequent contingents will entail tightening sanctions.

Under the curtain I will tell another curious innovation. Last May turned year since the number signs began to sell at auctions. 13 sales took place. Car owners who wished to decorate their "Mercedes" and "Lexus" a set of particularly distinguished them numbers, posted for this pleasure several million dollars.

The number of rooms in the Emirates is allowed to purchase in eternal use. It can be kept when updating his car park, transfer to the inheritance to children and even give friends and girlfriends. Such is the tradition: it does not occur to anyone here that a whole and unsolved car number when selling cars can be cut and send to the scrap, to print a new one for another owner. Moreover, it happens that the value of any worthless rudders is just in its original number, for example "100". Such an order exists in all seven-part Emirates in the federal state.

Dubai police decided to engage in this promising business. When passing the annual technical inspection, the owner may be asked to replace the usual license plate on the same, but decorated with a silhouette of a popular attraction. This service is 20 dollars and is performed within a few minutes. And for the year in a police treasury this way "glowing" Halmillion dollars.

But this is only a small part of income from signs. Main "Gesheft" Businessmen in police uniform make on sale especially attractive numbers. Spaciousness for fantasy here is truly unlimited. Here are some options: a number containing record few numbers or only one, but repeated; digital row with consistent increasing numbers; number including a commemorative date or duplicate telephone. Will be executed the most sophisticated order, but for the appropriate fee.

More than a million dollars brought a police one of the May auctions, which sells 152 car numbers. Hammer, summarizing each of the bidding, was performed the most important Dubai "Gaishnik", Head of the Road Department Brigadier General Abdel Rakhman Ar-Rafia.

The starting price of three-digit number plates exceeded 13 thousand dollars. Four-digit, which were half of the lot, were quoted ten times lower. During the auction, an experiment was conducted with a special set of five-digit numbers: "10101" and "20202". They exhibited about 11 thousand dollars.

Special excitement caused a number "150". The cost of two-liter Japanese cars was blocked in the struggle for him "Nissan", "Honda", "Tota" and even new popular Germanic "Audio" and "Volkswagen". "Stoppyyatka" gone for 29 thousand dollars. And the cheapest four-digit license plate was sold for 3000 dollars.

In just a year, the police found more than 10 thousand motorists who decided to acquire a special one. The most profitable deal with the buyer of the room "123". What exactly was the roads for him this order of numbers, left unknown, but the fee was 36 thousand dollars!

By pure random, I had the opportunity to see the newly new BMW with this number. Parked the car near a five-star hotel, a young beauty came out of her in black Emirates Shawl. In the cabin sat nyanka with a baby. And I thought: "Why not assume that the number "123" was bought for a new car donated to his wife on the occasion of the birth of the first child with a hint, denoted by the future: let it be the second and third! And later you can change the number on four or five-digit – options are possible". Here is such applied autodemography.

It is also announced that auctions with the sale of car numbers will continue until the demand is disappeared. But I think it does not runk. Residents of Dubai Like these gambling, police show, perhaps, partly replacing them prohibited in united Emirates gambling houses and roulette.

Let’s catch: Dubai car park for the year grows almost 9 percent. This means that more than 20 thousand people receive new numbers every year. Hundreds of them will certainly come to the auctions. What follows that there is enough money for a high police salary, beautiful uniforms and more importantly – new patrol machines, powerful motorcycles and all the more smart radar.

It is worth noting that, despite the problem, the roots of Dubai prosperity do not care at all in oil deposits, which are scarce here, and in commercial repairs of emirates: everything that has been sold. Police are not for sale, she trades.

The question is subject to, and is it possible to buy an attractive car number in Russia? Who to contact about this? How much is the service worth? It is clear that at a high level of connections, previously called "Blat", You can arrange everything. Filty police generals are not needed. That’s just ordinary "Gaishnik" will still hide in the bushes in stopped boots, waiting for prey .

Police Dubai. Price list of commercial services

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