Poland will teach golf

Golf courses are in many European countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Great Britain. Golf is considered an elite sport, and many fields belong to expensive hotels, they have a rather complicated relief and attract many professional players and high-level lovers. And what to do those who do not know how to play golf and only wants to meet this sport? We recommend going to Poland. Here golf did a truly popular sport.

Golf clubs are on Mazurai, on the Baltic coast and in other regions of the country. And come to play can anyone. Tickets are sold both for the day and subscriptions for several days. Especially comfortable here, those who have never played golf – the fields are not so complex, as in other countries, but at the same time they will allow you to feel what golf and love this sport. Golf training is also held here. Even if you arrived for one day, you can work out with the instructor of the Golf Club.

Poland will teach golf

In such clubs, they like to spend time not only tourists, golf is very popular among local residents. In this regard, the prices in Polish golf clubs are moderate. Of course, there are certain rules, for example, you can come to the club with your clubs, but if you need an extra ball in return for lost, it will have to buy it in the club store.

Poland will teach golf

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