Poland. Where legends are born there.

Poland attracts that in this country you always find something new, what I have not noticed before or did not see. To feel like an edge recorder, you just need to collapse with Protane tourist trail and go to Polish province With her small, but full of charm towns.

Outside autumn – Time when you can admire the lush fading of nature in scenic places. And such places believe me Poland a lot of. Another advantage of autumn travel are Pleasant prices and No crowd tourists. Lublin Voivodeship – Perfect option for such a romantic travel.

Perfect city

After the tense rhythm of the metropolis pleasantly plunge into Quiet calm city Dock, which is specifically created for Weekend for two. This is an incredible medieval city, which is the direct opposite Modern High-flow.

Dock was founded by The desire of one personChancellor And the Great Hetman Yana Zamomsky. He wanted to build lock, which is worthy of it State rank. Besides, Dock should have been eclipsed Krakow – the place where he recresented King.

For the construction of the city invited the Guru Italian architects – Bernardo Morando, Native Padua. Dock Call Eastern Padura, according to the sample of which the city was built and Pearl Renaissance, Since the works of incomparable beauty and representing greater historical value are focused here.

In the integrity of the building lay down concept Perfect city. Castle was Head, Home Street – Range, a Academy and Department – Heart and Light. Perpendicular artery with three markets was a belly, and defensive bastions – hands and legs.

You can walk for a long time Streets of Zamostia in silence and rest, admire town hall, Kamenica with arcades surrounding square, Pompous houses of Armenian merchants. Old city is already 20 years as B List of UNESCO. Locals proud And annually arrange about this Holidays and festivals.

Interesting fact! City, founded Chancellor Zamoysky, Over the centuries led him a family. Today, the highest state post also takes the descendant of this kind Martin ZamoyskySon of the last altar. Several decades ago at his father Delighted property and Forbidden to approach the city closer, than 30 km. Now the son revives birth and deals Restoration estate.

Social realism in the palace

If you want to know how they lived Polish aristocrats, Visit Palace and park Complex in Kozlowka, where reigns Luxury and splendor. In such a wonderful park, you can walk in an infinitely for a long time along the alleys, but the Poles more attracts not Castle, a Exhibition of Socialist Realism. In Soviet times in the palace was Composition of the Ministry of Culture, And now these exhibits found a new application. Agitplakata, Portraits of Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Builders Sculptures communism, collective farmers, pioneers, money and other attributes of that time. And, indeed, visitors at the exhibition were much more than on Excursions in Palace. They consider them with interest Works of socialist art: Youth – with humor, older generation – with nostalgia.

Lublin should love

Can not be visible in The capital of Voivodship Lublin, The largest city in east Poland. Many palaces and chostels, a lot of greenery. No wonder Lublin Male the second largest krakow. It is no less interesting, but you will not see a huge influx of tourists on the streets.

At the city Unique History and features that make it an atmosphere unique. It is to such an influence Jewish diaspora and Nearness Ukraine and Belarus, with which the city Close cultural connections. Many meetings artists, artists, musicians from Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus Paste exactly B Lublin.

V Lublin Chapel of the Holy Trinity on Castle Located the most valuable European treasure – Gothic vaults with unique frescoes. It is there you can see what looked King Vladislav Yagello. His portrait in the life of the king wrote our master Andrey.

Famous Lublin And How City of science. The oldest educational institution of LublinJewish Academy of Talmuda, Based B 1567., which B XX century Called School wise men. V 1918-M founded Lublin Catholic University. I wonder what was closed in Soviet times, he was Single Catholic Higher Educational institution in the whole socialist camp. The most famous student and professor – Karol Vojtyla, later Pope John Pavel II.

Most attractions are concentrated in Old town. In the area there are Many inexpensive restaurants and nightclubs. Democratic entertainment prices are explained by a large number of students.

Justice rest on waters

Poland. Where legends are born there.

After saturated excursion program It’s time relax. Tourists are waiting Holidays in the resort. It is located in 25 km from Lublin.

It is believed to ride in Sanatorium It follows when the sores have already overcome, that is, in old age. But if you think about, why pull? Today to be healthy not easy Fashion, but also Profitable: Treatment will cost much more expensive than rehabilitation. It’s not by chance that many sanatoriums actively began to offer New services for Restoration of good health.

The demand for them is, and considerable. So B Poland per Beauty and Health Eat B Nalenchow, who believes The main thing Cardiology resort of the country. Already 200 years Here come to be treated Cardiovascular diseases.

Course of balneprosceedur and hydrotherapy will help come to get rid of back pain, solve the problem of S Cellulite and overweight, achieve Energy Balance. Resorts will be offered Hydromassage in the pool, which fill with pure spring water with the addition of white clay brought from Greece. This procedure is recommended for Rejuvenation, Skin smoothing. Water enriched with valuable clay components Detoxy and Nutrient action, Restores cell exchange.

So this is not boring Holidays in the sanatorium. Even nice to live every day Useful schedule: Massage, Mineral Bath, Fizprocessors, Gym. And in breaks – Holidays in Aromatherapy Room with glass Oxygen cocktail or Tea from healing herbs. You can visit Salt cave, Session in which lasts 45 minutes, What corresponds to 3 days stay at the sea during the storm.

And, of course, special pleasure – Lake Park Walk, where you certainly follow Feed swans and ducks. It is believed that one such a walk thanks to a unique microclimate normalizes pressure.

Mysteric Places

Undoubtedly in place of birth legend begins Tourist pilgrimage. Therefore, we can safely argue that sorcerers, ghosts and devils – The driving force of the Polish turbines. No exception I Lublin Voivodeship. From Magic and mystics Not anywhere. In very Lublin Show you Fair fingerprint.

A lot goes legend and about Dungeons of the city of Holma. They say there are burdens hidden treasures, who guarded Spirit Belyukh.

If you want to More acute sensations, Stroll at night by streets of land. There will be waiting for you ghost v White robe, with bloody stripe on the neck. it spirit Unhappy catachine, which was accused of witchcraft and cut off his head.

Poland. Where legends are born there.

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