Poland, Warsaw: how to slip the border of the EU

According to the plan, we had to cross the border in Brest with proudly rummaged noses and find yourself in Poland, but for nothing – we came to the checkpoint only for lunch. Everyone who has already rode through Brest is aware of what it means: Wild Multiple Queues. I did not want to sit in the car on the sun, so we decided to make a move of a horse – they rummaged through well-kept villages of cozy Belarus straight to the beautiful villages of Poland through the checkpoint in Sadlts (this is the north of Brest for 50 km). There instead of 4-7 hours spent on the transition about 1.5 hours. In the award – cool rustic landscapes instead of monotonous autobahn.

Warsaw meets us with cafes with kebabs, indian cuisine, intimate shops and good weather. Cool, but since we didn’t really eat anything today, and here they removed the extremely cozy apartment with a gorgeous wooden table, we decided to purchase that easier and home, in mink. Today to fumble, and tomorrow a date with Warsaw! The first time it came out well-crumpled and fleeting.

Our adhere on the map

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Poland, Warsaw how to slip the border of the EU

Hope 03.07.2019

Very glad to travel with you again. Admire everyone that meets on your way! Scenery cool.

Poland, Warsaw how to slip the border of the EU

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