Poland You can describe in a few words: Fresh Fluffy Forest Air, Warm Water, Sand Dunes, Sun, Medieval Castles. In addition to the standard beach resorts of the country, you can visit numerous reservoirs and mountain ranges, protected parks, palace complexes and a variety of cities that keep in themselves the history of the past.

Polish ski resorts cannot compete in the complexity of the tracks, and in terms of height drops with other European resorts, but the government made everything to ensure that the infrastructure meets the modern requirements of the tourist. Here there is entertainment, both for children and their parents.

Poland is located in the Eastern European part. From the northern country raging the Baltic Sea.

In the north of the country, you can admire the Baltic Grocery and seaside lowlands, which are uncomfortable decorated by the very nature of the Ice Lakes. Poland’s highest point towers two and a half thousand meters above sea level. The center of the country is occupied by the plains that crosses numerous lakes, forests and water bodies. The coastline is cut by picturesque coves and bays.

  • language: Polish
  • population: 38.1 million
  • telephone code: +48
  • currency: Polish zloty
  • visa:Visa entrance
  • traffic: Right-hand
  • National domain: PL
  • voltage: 230V
  • Poland Rest in Poland, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Tripter Travel Guide
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:Forks and sockets type C, plugs and sockets type E
  • time: 15:14 (UTC + 0200)

Top cities and resorts of Poland


Sklen Porcheba

Lower Silesia

Kudova Zdroj

Humble mountain






The best regions, cities and resorts of Poland

Poland is rich in mineral waters contributing to the improvement. In general, this country is rich in resorts, because the coast along the Baltic Sea stretches for more than 500 kilometers. Perhaps the most popular and beloved by tourists resort – Sopot. In addition to beach entertainment, the tourist will offer excursion programs. In the city you can visit concerts, museums, historical monuments and architectural complexes.

Fans of nature and ecological tourism will advise you to go to Jastembia Gora. The resort is drowning in impassable forests and beaches with golden sand, and the coastline is covered with ripped cliffs. Special attention should be paid «Foxhery». Particularly comfortable rest will seem family couples with children. You can admire the moving dunes at the leba resort. Practically from all sides the resort zone is surrounded by water. National Park is located in the immediate vicinity of the city. A favorable conditions for ecotourism also have been created here. Pine forests hide in their evergreen thickets of the ruins of the former structures and an ancient lighthouse. Local air, due to the content of iodine, will be useful for people suffering from respiratory diseases.

For beautiful architecture and ancient cathedrals, it is worth keeping your way to the Ustka, an ancient port that is able to offer not only cozy beaches, but also exciting routes on cultural objects. But in health purposes, without thinking, take a ticket to Kolobrzeg. The unique microclimate allows you to get rid of many ailments.

Poland Rest in Poland, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Tripter Travel Guide

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