Poland City: Poznan

Poznan – the capital of the Greater Popol, the historic region, where a Polish state was created more than a thousand years ago.

Currently, Poznan is one of the most important industrial, trade, cultural, scientific and tourist centers of the country. The historic center of the city is the Tumian island, which rises the ancient temple of Poland, erected in X-XV in. and rebuilt afterwards in the Gothic style, as well as a golden chapel with tombstone monuments to the first Polish kings – Meshko I and Boleslav Herbrom.

No less interesting than the old market with a magnificent Renaissance Town Hall (XIII-XVI centuries., Now it is located the historical museum of the city), monument to St. Jan Nepomotskom, as well as with trading rows, gaptwahta, many old stone houses and palaces. Coston of St. Wojca and Monastery of Bosy Carmelites.

20 km. Southeast Poznan is a town Peg with the majestic castle XIX in., In which the museum is now working with a collection of antique furniture, painting and history items. The building is surrounded by one of the largest dendrological parks in Poland with more than 2500 species of trees and shrubs.

Reviews and studies of trips

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Poland Poznan

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