Poland, Krakow: Pleasure Music Day

The first day is the most incomprehensible in all cities. Here is today a new city, although the country is already a little familiar.

There was a shop with well, very cool things, which can be fitted almost in any interior. What we like was again too big for our repository.

New headdress from Sheboldasik.

Walk through the Jewish District. It seems to be repaired, but it seems that the street was just defeated.

Someone has already been intact and now lives here.

Black flowers well impressed.

The monument of the time when the Jews were driven into this area to sort and send to the nearest camp, Auschwitz (which next to Auschwitz). Many seen native last time here.

Opening of the day – the carriage with disk brakes!

Here, as in Vienna, concerts spend concerts in large basilies and other cathedrals in the evenings. Have not been kept, they came to listen. Very spectacular, you need to notice!

Our adhere on the map

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Poland, Krakow Pleasure Music Day

year eighteen.07.2019

Impressed lying "head" on the square, and the new headdress for Andrei looks very.

Sheboldasik eighteen.07.2019

Andrei everything to face))

Excellent reportage! thanks. It was interesting to see pictures..

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Poland, Krakow Pleasure Music Day

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