Poland built the deepest pool in the world

Its depth reaches 45.7 m, and the volume is 8 thousand. cubic. m, which corresponds to the 27 Olympic Basins. The main feature of the construction «DeepPot» is atmospheric because the pool imitates the depths of the sea.

This unique complex opened on November 21 in g. Mistonow, located 40 km west of Warsaw. He originally conceived as a diving center, where lovers could have to athlete their beloved occupation in a coronacrisis. Due to the closure of boundaries – Not everyone can go even to the Mediterranean Sea, but now the Poles got a good replacement with natural depths in the form of a pool «DeepPot». Investments in its construction amounted to about 8.5 million. Euro.

This building has no analogues in the world, because combines the actual pool, deep well for diving and man-made five-level caves with stalagmites and artificial bas-reliefs in the style of Maja culture. Diving into the pool, the diver can feel like an explorer of the artifacts of an ancient civilization, the city of which went under water. And thanks to the distance «Sunken» Katera, who wish can feel like researchers of dead ships.

An even more unusual complex make hotel numbers that are part of it. Their panoramic windows overlook the pool, thanks to which guests have the opportunity to observe the activities of divers. The designers of the semi-adjoining hotel argue that glass partitions are made with a multiple margin of strength and are able to withstand the pressure of 50 tons of water.

Poland built the deepest pool in the world

Diving classes in the new pool are available not only by experienced divers, but also beginners. Especially for this construction made «multi-storey». The development of the underwater world can be started with the top levels, and with the experience of experience, immerse everything below. On the 20-meter depth of professionals, it is waiting for a wider tube with a depth of 25 m. It is equipped with a staircase and a cable for a convenient descent, for which scablasts cling to the Karabins.

Polish pool «DeepPot» Practically probably gets into the Guinness Book of Records. It is more than 3 m superior to recently the world’s deepest swimming pool «The Deep Joy» (42 m), built on the thermal resort near Italian Padua. The third of the planet pools of this type available on the planet is located in the vicinity of Brussels and is called «NEMO33». The figure in its name corresponds to depth, so, «DeepPot» bypassed the Belgian fellow by as much as 12 m.

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