The third population in Nepal (after Kathmandu and Biratnagar) and at the same time the largest city resort in Nepal to the west of Kathmandu. The resort area is formed by the alpine lake "FEVA" and adjacent to her main tourist street "Lake Side" (Lake Side)

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Pokhara: Excursions and Events

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Climate in Pokhara

Pokhara – Year-round resort. Hot season – March-April-May and September-October-November – the time of the greatest favored tourism from the highest strength :), Nevertheless, winter and summer are quite suitable for recreation. In winter (December-January-February), the day is almost always sunny and warm, you can sunbathe. At the occurrence of darkness will have to wear a light jacket. In the summer (June-July-August), despite the fact that this is the monsoon period and every day (or every night) can make rains, however, and in such weather it is pleasant to relax, walk, because on the street it is hot, rains warm, and Nature is very beautiful.

Months for months (first number – Lower registered border, second – upper. When lining the trip, it is more convenient for the second digit to navigate:
January (4-16), February (6-18), March (10-22), April (13-26), May (17-26), June (20-27), July (21-26), August (21-26), September (19-26), October (15-24), November (9-21), December (5-17)
Do not cheat apparent "cooler" Climate – Since it is almost always sunny here, the sun is very hot almost all year round, except, except, December-January-February.

Pokhara: Entertainment and Activities

Pokhara, Nepal Rest, Reviews, Hotels of Pokhara Tourprom Travel

Transport features Pokhara

Taxi: Taxi – late and on every corner. Drive on the Lake Side on average 50-70 rupees (Olo $ 1).

Buses: car rental: Absent.

Airports: There is a small airport from which Kathmandu and Jomsoma flights are being carried out (village near Muktinatha, on the route Around Annapurna).

You can come to the airport in half an hour before departure – usually this is quite enough, as the airport room is a small room with a dozen registration racks. Before registration it is necessary to pay for the airport collection 170 rupees on the rack on the right side of the room.

Pokhara, Nepal Rest, Reviews, Hotels of Pokhara Tourprom Travel

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