Poisonous snakes on Bali

Bali – it is a paradise. But in every paradise there is a toliary of danger – The world famous resort has not exceeded. This article is about snakes – Here they are really great many, the fauna of the island is simply overflowing and poisonous, and absolutely innocuous reptiles.

Therefore, before you go to Bali, you should familiarize yourself in advance with the list of the most common reptiles, prepared by the rental site for Bali – Ilovevila.Com. And immediately should remember the immutable rule: if the snake bites, it should immediately seek help in a medical institution!

Green Cuffii

The most common type of bali reptiles is distinguished by characteristic features:

triangular head (and, the form is vividly designated);

Red tip tip.

Habitat – Gardens, any green lawn and house territory. In the event of a bite, it is necessary to urgently ask for medical help – Snake is very poisonous. When contacting doctors, the forecast is favorable – Medicine is well known which antidote It is necessary to introduce a person to neutralize the poison of this snake.


This kind of snake can even determine the child – «Hood» and the rack will surely attract attention. There are practically monophonic cobra colors on Bali, but the skin shade can vary from pale gray to land.

During Bali walks, you can meet very little cob – long no more than 15 centimeters, and sufficiently impressive in size – up to 1 meter. And in the west island, giant cobra are found and at all – Meetings were recorded with individuals and a half meters long!

Cobra – Snake poisonous. And in its battle rack, it can spit poison at a distance of 2 meters – Single distracting maneuver. And so far «enemy» Busy inspection of the location of the hit, Cobra also bites him. Please note: Cobra rarely attacks man without visible reasons. But if bite – accomplished fact, then it is necessary to urgently apply for medical care.


Especially poisonous snakes that are found on earth and in water. On Bali, this kind of reptiles has vertical white and black stripes on the skin, but a water view – striped. Ground khuts go hunting at night and often covered in the house, can have blue stripes on the skin.

Child can bite even a sleeping person – Immediate appeal to doctors will help secure the body.

Coral Snake

This type of reptiles living on Bali can be found under the ground. Dig a pit under the pool or pave trench? Be extremely attentive! If you saw a snake with dark skin and bright stains (red / orange), then you are before the coral type. The bite is dangerous, only the rapid (emergency) appeal to the medical institution will be a guarantee of a favorable forecast.

Meeting with Snake – How to behave?

Remember: Snakes never attack without need! But many of them react to the slightest movement – bustle, jogging and especially energetic cramped with hands and toppers will lead to the fact that the snake will demand you as an enemy – The attack is inevitable.

When meeting the snake, it should be frozen motionless and loud to help – Well, if there is a chance that someone will hear you. Note – snake sounds do not hear, so you can shout how much the soul. In no case can not be removed from the snake or, on the contrary, approach – Reptiles know how to jump – their combat throw can reach 2 meters.

Security measures

Snakes at Bali most often inhabit the rice fields and where there is a lot of greenery – Snakes lead active livelihoods on villas and in the gardens of houses, which are located in close proximity to the fields or jungle. How can you protect yourself:

Poisonous snakes on Bali

Never leave the doors of the house / villas open;

In the courtyard, move the maximum – the more different deposits «useful / necessary things», the higher the chances of meeting the snake;

At night, leave the house only with a flashlight – Snakes hunt at night;

Reptiles are afraid of bright light – On the night, leave the light on the terrace / veranda and in the garden.

If attacked Snake…

If you were bitten by the snake, then you should immediately contact the hospital for the help of doctors. Try to remember how the reptiles looked like, which bit – The doctor will have to introduce antidote (antidote), but they are different and intended for a particular type of snake.

Absolutely forbidden:

jerk – legend, no more;

process the wound by any means and even simple water;

Actively move – poison will spread through vessels;

independently get driving (not recommended) – You can lose consciousness;

Poisonous snakes on Bali

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