Pointers at the airport

The first time in the overseas airport can be remembered for a long time, especially if English is twice. Some arrow and custom, and what spells on the speakerphone, not to disassemble at all. Therefore, we are here to help you understand the signs – knowing them, you will not wander around the building of the airport, like a covered kitten.

AISLE SEAT (Window Seat) – Passion place (place at the window)

Arrivals – Arrival is for meetings

Baggage / Luggage – baggage

Baggage Belt – baggage issuance tape

Baggage / Luggage Cart (Trolley) – Luggage trolley – it will be useful if you have a lot of suitcases and bags

Baggage Claim – Issuing baggage

BAG DROP Counter (Bag Drop Desk) – Luggage rack

Boarding – landing

Boarding Gate (Departure Gate) – Landing

Boarding Pass – boarding pass – it will be given it at the front desk and on it will be allowed to be plane

Check-in – registration

Customs – Customs – there you need to declare imported things if they exceed norms

Delayed – Flight delay

Departures – Departure – for those who fly out

Final Call – the last challenge for landing

Flight Information Monitors – Monitors with information about flights – more often look at them there changes in the schedule of flights

Pointers at the airport

Hand Baggage / Luggage (CARRY-ON) – Manual jack

ON TIME – on schedule – for example, the flight flew on time. This information is rather for meeting.

LOST & Found – Bureau of finds – it is necessary to turn here if your suitcase did not arrive

OVERSIZED BAGGAGE COUNTER – Rack of decoration Large baggage

SELF Check-in Counters (Self-Service Check-in Kiosks)

Self-registration racks – very comfortable thing! If you are afraid to experience your English for registration, use the machine gun.

Security Check – control zone – there you will look at and check the manual sting on the ban

Waiting Lounge – waiting hall

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