Point of separation, or big races in La plan

One of the main attractions of Lapaury – Olympic trail for Bobsley, built in front of the Olympiad in Albertville in 1992. The only one in France, this route is considered one of the most technically difficult in the world – one and a half kilometers there are nineteen aggregates. There are still steps of the World Cup and the Olympic teams of Austria, Canada, Monaco, Germany and France are trained. But the most interesting thing is that this sophisticated track, the content of which costs 800 thousand euros a year, from mid-December to mid-April is available for tourists and anyone can test the supersonic velocities on which "chasing on Sankah" Professional athletes.

In total, the world has seven such trails that are allowed to have simple mortals, but only in Lapaury races are held on a unique shell invented here, Bob Raft, equipped with automatic piloting and braking system. After all four passengers (children allowed only extremely up to 130 cm) occupy their places, Raft rapidly accelerates to 80 km / h and one and a half minutes rushing at the ice chute (41 euros per person or 123 euros for a family of two parents and two children). We tried this option on ourselves and we can safely recommend such fun to everyone who does not suffer from cardiovascular diseases and do not complain about breathing and cervical vertebrae. True, we advise you to go to Rafts with your company of four and take places for growth. Or resist if you suddenly put on some two-meter dutch – risk nothing but his wide back, not to see!

Mounted on board camcorders will fix all your impressions, so follow the face and abnormative vocabulary. At the finish, you will be given a diploma and send a video confirming how famously you have laid the turns and how well done kept.

If the squealing of neighbors interfere with the enjoying species, then you will probably like high-speed autopilotous sleighs intended for a single descent in a half-liter state that develops speed up to 90 km / h. Passengers who have reached 16 years old (107 euros).

Point of separation, or big races in La plan

Well, for those who love the jogging, on the highway the option is not for the faint of heart – bob racing, almost identical descent on the classic sports beob. Three passengers (strictly since 18 years old, 115 euros) with a breeze ride a professional athlete instructor, which in seconds will turn off the projectile up to 150 km / h.

All the crisses will be put on the neck for the neck, helping to avoid injuries during overloads, which here, understand, Nedhesky. Feeling difficult to convey words – at first it seems that you are soared in weightlessness and eyes have little time to fix from the picture flying overboard. It seems, at that moment the passengers even stop breathing. However, the Statistics encouraging – all tourists reach the finish line in consciousness, integer and disadvantaged, and many are even returning to the new portion of adrenaline.

You can get on a free bus leaving Plagne Center. Rakes are held all days except Monday. You can book in the tourism office or in the ESF Ski School.

Point of separation, or big races in La plan

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