Podgorica is a peculiar capital of Montenegro. Of course, the resort can not be compared with modern cities in Europe, but it has a kind of charm, it is unusually combined with old and new. Podgorica is worth a visit to better know the history of the region.

Most of the population of Montenegro lives in the city. Since the city is distant from the coastal strip of the Adriatic Sea, tourists here are not so much. Vacationers are likely to pass here. Many believe that there is only a station in the city and a couple of shopping centers. And this is quite justified, because in connection with the tragic historical events of World War II, Podgorica was practically erased from the face of the Earth and the architectural heritage was almost no preserved to the present day.

The city is located on the plain area. Only a few hills can be seen on the outskirts of Podgorica. From the top of the mountain, the city will open in front of the tourists completely in a different light, immediately he will acquire the outline and will show all his winding streets. Many fashion stores built in the modern part of the city. Almost all cafes are concentrated in the center of Podgorica. In restaurants, it is necessary to taste meat dishes and Chernogorsk honey.

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What is interesting to see in Podgorica?

Top attractions Podgorica

Fortress Zhablyak Tronevich

Fort Lesndro

Monument to Vladimir Vysotsky

Gorge Plate

Millennium Bridge

Monastery Daibabe

Dioclea city

Morach River

Glacier Debeli Name

Skadar Lake

Podgorica: excursions and events

The city has not so many historical buildings and attractions, testifying to the distant past of the region. The fact is that the settlement was almost completely destroyed during World War II.

Podgorica played not the last role in the formation of Montenegro as a separate political unit, so some places should be included in the excursion route. For example, the old part of the city boasts the remnants of the fortress structures of the Turks dated to the end of the 15th century.

It is worth walking before the ensemble of the palace of King Nikola. On the walls of the building today there is a museum. There is a hill in the city – Goritsa, from which the name of the city originated. There should be climbed not only in order to inspect the Montenegrin capital from a bird’s eye view, but also Raji Saint George Cathedral. The temple was built in the 12th century. Until this inner decoration is decorated with old frescoes of the late 16th century.

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Take advantage of buses and get to the neighboring village, where you can explore the ruins of the ancient Roman period. Here are some buildings, for example, forum, churches, baths and cathedrals.

History Podgorica

Climate in Podgorica

The classic Mediterranean climate is dominated on the territory of the Montenegrin capital. Usually the summer period in the city is characterized by dryness, dryness and heat. The thermometer column in the daytime is rarely lowered below +27 degrees. Naturally in the mountainous areas the temperature decreases. The difference is a few degrees. Winter is moderately cold, but at the same time for a our man they will seem warm and comfortable.

Despite the long winter, the snow in Podgorica is a rare phenomenon. During the year, a total of 1,500 millimeters falls. High influx of tourists usually happens from June to August.

Podgorica: Entertainment and Activities

Many wonder what to do how to spend your holidays in Podgorica fun and at ease? The fact is that there are not many attractions in the city to devote them all day and nearby there is no sea for diving or yachting.

But Thordgoric prepared several surprises for their guests. It is worth wandering along the coast of the Morach River. Her picturesque places will not leave anyone indifferent. In the hot months, you can sunbathe on sun loungers or swim in its transparent waters. Svetlesb on the most famous bridge Montenegro. It seems that it is soaring in the air, thanks to light reinforced concrete structures. On vacation with tents or simply camping stands to go to Lake Bukumirsko. The reservoir was formed naturally in the middle of the mountains and coniferous forests. It will be possible not only to relax from the fuss, but also to improve your health due to the freshest air.

On the weekend you can ride on a boat on one of several rivers, on which the city is built. By the way, in the vicinity of Podgorica there is its own waterfalls, not inferior to the beauty even Niagara. Both among local residents and tourists a popular destination is riding a horse on spacious fields and meadows of the city.

Transport features Podgorica

Podgorica transport system is developed at a good level. A few kilometers from the city is airport, which has air traffic with both other cities of the country and other countries. On the territory of the Montenegrin capital, it is quite comfortable to move on foot, because all attractions are concentrated in the central part of the city. Tourists who wish to examine as many important places as possible, will be able to use the services of a taxi. The city is literally littered by car parking, so it is worth renting a car and do not depend on the schedule of public transport.

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