Poděbrady (Poděbrady)

Podebrady (Podebrady) – Resort town in the central part of the Czech Republic, located on the banks of the Laba River, 50 km from Prague. Population – 13,555 people (2006).

The first mention of the podbraffs belongs to 1224. In 1908, after the detection of mineral water sources, the first resort season was launched. After the end of World War I, the city turned into a full-fledged resort with hospitals, which since 1926 specialized in cardiovascular diseases.

The abundance of mineral springs, a low position above sea level (185 m) and the plain landscape, as well as a moderate climate throughout the year, made a popular resort among patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Here are 13 sources: these are alkaline mineral water with a high content of carbon dioxide, magnesium, calcium and the presence of hydrogen sulfide, drowning out of the ground in the very center of the city from the depth of 80-100 m. These waters have the ability to naturally provide the blood flow, especially with poor blood supply to the limbs.

Heart and blood vessel diseases – Conditions after surgical treatment of ischemic heart disease – coronary bypass, states after operations on heart valves, heart circulation system, after heart transplantation and other heartfelt operations, states after heart attack of heart attack, chronic form of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure 1-3 degrees, Cardiomyopathy, congenital or acquired heart defects, ischemic diseases of the lower extremities, states after inflammation of vessels, chronic vascular and lymphatic diseases.

Diseases associated with metabolic disorders – Diabetes, elevated level of cholesterol and lipids.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system – Spinal pain syndrome.

Diseases of the nervous system

In the resort treatment is widely used cold (14°C) Alkaline-muric acidic acid mineral water produced from a depth of 80-100 m and saturated with carbon dioxide, sulfuric and soluble salts. The main action is due to the chemical impact of carbon dioxide to the body in order to expand blood vessels (dilatation), increasing the overall blood flow, lowering blood pressure and reduce the pulse rate.

Massage – Partial or common.

Electrotherapy – Dyadynamic, ultrasound (for diseases of muscles and joints).

Inhalation – With respiratory diseases, the base is mineral water «Wincentka».

Parafinotherapy – for diseases of muscles and joints.

Injections of natural gas – for diseases of muscles and joints.

Poděbrady (Poděbrady)

Hydrotherapy – With rheumatism.

Carbonic bath – Temperature 32..34 ° C.

Underwater massage – using mineral water.

Home Local attraction – Podbradsky castle – was erected at the beginning of the XII century. Fortified fort risen over the river Elbe and performed defense functions. The castle defended the approaches to Prague from the East and Northeast. Now the castle works in the Institute of Language and Vocational Training.

Monument to the King Jirja
– Installed on the square near the Podbrad Castle. On the pedestal of equestrian statue, the inscription shines with gold letters: "Jirga, King Podbradsky". The castle works the Museum of the King Jiří, in the collection of which many things related to the legendary king.

Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross – was built in the XIV century. This is a three-end church in the Gothic style. In the southern part of the structure in 1689, the chapel of Our Lady of Grief, made in a baroque style.

Beach Podbrady – This is an urban equipped beach, which has a very extended area of ​​the coastline, on which many vacationers are going to the warmest days.

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