Pockets in Europe. Tips, how not to become a victim of the pocket

Traveling in Europe, always be alert. Tourists &# 8211; Favorite clients of small thieves and pockets. In this article, we will tell you what tricks most often take pockets in Europe, where you can face and how not to become their victim.

Most of all pockets can be opened in large and popular with tourists with cities:

  • Barcelona
  • Rome
  • Paris
  • Madrid
  • Athens
  • Prague
  • Lisbon
  • Florence
  • London
  • Amsterdam

But this does not mean that you can face thieves only in large cities, do not lose vigilance even if you travel through small villages away from tourist trail. Although there is something like a pocket chance.

Who are such pockets?

Unfortunately, no distinctive features or peculiarities of pockets. Calculate, the pair of them is very difficult.

As a rule, pocket pockets work a small group of 2-3 people. In most cases, these are kids teenagers, and not necessarily chumased and in ripped clothes or gypsies, it can be quite ordinary children, clean and well dressed.

Why children? All simple. Police Even if they grab them, really can not do anything, well, except that scares. They are minors, and hardly pass with passports or other documents certifying personality. Keep in the site for a long time they will not be able to let and in any case let go.

Another type of vorays &# 8211; well dressed people most often aged. They may not be just well dressed, but very good and, for example, keep a bag with an emblem of expensive store. But package &# 8211; it’s just props to sleep your vigilance. If it looks no longer the first freshness, rummaged, without branded stickers from above (in expensive stores, packages, as a rule, fasten the sticker), it is worth alert, perhaps it is only requisite.

Where you can most often encounter pockets?

Public transport

Pockets in Europe. Tips, how not to become a victim of the pocket

Metro, Tram, Bus&# 8230; favorite places for thieves, especially at rush hour. But to be vigilant only in transport a little, most of the theft occurs at the stop waiting for transport or while you rise or go down the escalator.

As a rule, for the victim some time watch, they look where you put a phone or wallet. Blindly worry rarely.


Empty your pockets while you enjoy the view of the Eiffel Tower is easier than simple. In any place of a large cluster of tourists, it is necessary to be extremely attentive, because the main goal of the thieves is the tourist.


It is not necessary to relax in the museum, despite the fact that the input ticket is paid, the vorays do not stop, they are more than refund all their expenses literally from the first client.

Restaurants and cafes

That most of us makes waiting for the order in the restaurant? Most often we drip in the phone, play, Laika, Facebook posts or photos in Instagram&# 8230; And what we do when we brought an order? Put the phone on the table and enjoy the dish. It’s the biggest mistake! Separate scammers on this and specialize, they instantly roll past your table, take the phone and run away away. Most often, the victims are visitor to summer terraces and tables on the street.

If you like to combine meals with a phone, then either choose a table in depth, and not with the edge, or always put the phone in the bag.

But the phone is not the only thing that you can steal. The contents of the bag that hangs on the back of the chair is also in danger, as well as the jacket pockets or a jacket that you removed and hanged.

What techniques use pockets?


You can distract the victim in many ways. This is a request to show the road on the map and &# 8220; inadvertently&# 8221; Spilled coffee, collecting signatures for charity&# 8230;. A little more about this we recently wrote in the article &# 8220; how to bind tourists&# 8221;.


Option in this case can be two. If the criminal works alone, then he just pushes you or hurts passing by and at that time takes out a phone or wallet from the pocket. A little more difficult things if they work in a pair. In this case, the assistant stops sharply in front of you, and his accomplice, no matter how accidentally, it rises to you and makes theft.

The second option is often used on escalators. The person in front of you stops while going from the escalator, you are stumble upon it, and his assistant who was driving behind you, gently devastates your pockets or bag. As a rule, on escalators do not even in a pair, but by a group. One creates an unforeseen situation, the second browsing the pockets and transmits their contents to the third.


This reception is used in crowded transport. One of the passengers is tightly pressed to you and at this time pulls out your things out of the bag or pocket.

If at the rush hour it is not easy to calculate the pocket, everything crowds, then at another time, when you see that someone stands too close to you, although there is plenty of free, then it’s better to leave. Often, the thief resorts to a small disguise, for example, holds a coat and hiding behind them cleaning your bag or pocket.

Another method that is widely used in transport &# 8211; cutting your bag. For this, not only a knife or blade is used, but also sharpened coin.

How not to become a victim of a pocket?

There are some pretty simple rules, many people know, but for some reason they always forget.

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