Plzni Beer Festival – Pilsner Fest

All who love to drink beer will certainly receive great pleasure from visiting the oldest Pilsner Fest 2011 festival at the Czech Republic, which will be held in the city of Plzni on August 26 and 27 and will give the opportunity to everyone not only to try a magnificent black drink, but also to listen to live music, participate in numerous contests and find entertainment for every taste.

Pilsner’s Pilsner Festival, organized by the famous Czech brewing company Pilsner, will be held in the building of Pilsen Brewery brewery, where such famous musicians from all over Europe will perform on two scenes, Chinaski, Wohnout, No Name, Monkey Business, The Prostitutes, Navigators and Regular Visitors and Tri Sestry. Especially for all heavy rock fans, the organizers of the Pilsner Fest 2011 beer festival invited the Spejbl Helpers group, reviving the traditions of famous AC / DC musicians.

Plzni Beer Festival - Pilsner Fest

In addition to the music concerts, Pilsner Fest 2011 festival will offer its guests a lot of diverse entertainment for every taste. Golf lovers will be able to experience their blows on the simulator. Those who dream not only drinking beer, but also become a master of a beer establishment, will be able to try themselves as the owner of a real pub. Visitors to the Glory of the Festival of Festival Pilsner Fest 2011 will be able to learn about the most important points in the history of brewing worldwide. However, the most pleasant part of the festival promises to be a tasting of beer from Pilsner Urquell, where not only the well-known varieties of the best Czech beer will be presented, but also a living, unpasteurized and unfiltered beer.

The culmination of the Pilsner Fest 2011 festival in Pilsen,, the colorful fireworks, which end the two-day holiday of Czech beer to the musical chords of concerts.

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