Pluton found clouds

Previously, scientists were known only about a multi-layer haze, rising from the ice mountains on the surface of the dressing. Now, after the detection of individual clouds, it is possible to conclude a rich atmospheric diversity of Pluto, it is reported in the New Scientist magazine, where sensational personnel were published.

The magazine cites the words of John Spencer from the South-Western Research Institute of Colorado: "A discrete fluffy cloud can be seen on the background against the background of the surface of the surface of Krun Makula (Dark Pluton District)". It is not yet possible to determine exactly what the cloud consists of, but there is reason to believe that it contains nitrogen with traces of methane, acetylene, ethylene and ethane.

Pluton found clouds

This is only part of the information from the probe, the remaining data scientists will receive only by the end of the year: New Horizons continues to distance from the ground, and the transmission of the signal from the device takes more time.

For the first time, the color image of Pluto was published by NASA specialists in June 2015. Animation was also created, allowing to see the results of observations of Pluto over the past 85 years. Earlier it was reported that the Pluto can "hide" two previously unknown planets.

Pluton found clouds

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