Pluses of rest in Bulgaria

Today, an increasing number of our compatriots prefer to rest abroad, as this is an amazing opportunity to see something new, as well as feel the way of life that inherent foreigners.

True, it should be noted that novice travelers are not rarely falling into a situation where the country’s choice is extremely difficult, because almost everyone read comic stories about those cases in which our citizens fell due to ignorance of the culture or language of the country in which They headed out. In general, if you go on a trip for the first time and want to avoid any difficulties, then stop your choice on sunny Bulgaria!

If we talk about the advantages of summer holidays in the country, first of all it is necessary to note the lack of a language barrier, almost all Bulgarians speak English perfectly, moreover, they do not have complexes when switching from their native language to our. By the way, it should be noted that the goodness with which in the country they meet our compatriots, which, naturally, immediately allows you to feel at the resort of expensive guests, but at the same time continue to feel yourself at home.

If you plan to go on a trip to the whole family, then a certain plus is a low price of tickets to Bulgaria, as well as a small cost of tours and accommodation, and this is the condition that the service is not inferior to the standards adopted in the EU countries! By the way, the popularization of the Bulgarian resorts is in many ways the mild climate of the country, which allows water to warm very quickly and completely eliminates the sharp differences of the air temperature, which, in combination with a developed children’s infrastructure, proves the likelihood of a wonderful rest to the whole family.

Pluses of rest in Bulgaria

It is also pleased «Newbies» Tourism is the fact that the visa in Bulgaria is extremely quickly and does not require such a list of documentation as a visa to many EU countries. For example, if many European countries due to the requirements for a visa certificate of income or discharge from a bank card closed for a number of our fellow citizens, then there are no problems in Bulgaria, since no one is going to check for your financial capabilities. The only thing to take into account, Bulgaria is not included in Schengen, and therefore leave the country in the EU state will not work!

By the way, the system is used in Bulgaria, implying the provision of tourists only breakfast, all subsequent meals are solved by the resort personnel on their own. True, it is not necessary to scare this fact, because in a cafe or in a restaurant you can very well, and most importantly dine inexpensively, and, of course, enjoy the unsurpassed bouquets of the world famous. Please note that in addition to wine cards, it makes sense to get acquainted with local vodka, which is called Rakia and is considered the same highlight of local cuisine, like wines.

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