Plunge into the dirt is very nice

In the past half century, this French town with a cherry name has become known with not too romantic side – during World War II, when France was occupied, the government of collaborators began here – since then Vich and became the generally accepted name of the deflection regime. But regimes come and go. In fact, Vichu – from Vicus Calidas – just a village of warm sources.

The way it is. Vichy – known from the 17th century Balneological resort (hydrocarbonatethrive water with carbon dioxide and a large number of trace elements) with all the consequences of the consequences: here they treat yazwhennikov, diabetics, gastritis, colitis, biliary disease, disorders of intestinal functions, consequences of viral hepatitis, obesity, Hipirrequkemia and other diseases associated with impaired metabolism, as well as arthritis and osteoporosis. There is a new waterproof for rheumat.

Those who want to lose weight, settle in the thermal fitness center "Le house", Wherees in addition to all ordinary procedures, there is a gym, aerobics – Want in the hall, you want in the pool, sauna and hammam – Turkish bath.

Each water has its name. Cold Mineral Waters – Komperial, Park, Luca, Hot – Opital, Grand Goril, Schomel.

Ladies in the period of golden autumn for stimulating muscles and a general increase in tone prescribed a mineral pearl bath (underwater hydromassage), imagery (hydromassage underwater at a temperature of 35 degrees), gymnastics in the mineral pool with a strong underwater flow, carbon dioxide baths (soft low pressure massage at the same temperature).

If you do not hurt anything, it makes sense to go to Vichy just like that, for prevention: 12 procedures (therapeutic gymnastics and hydromassage in the pool or in the bath, shower de vichi with a manual massage, shower Charcot, mud, carbon dioxide).

Recover after childbirth, and the ladies that older – cope with menopause – help different baths (hot, minerals with gases, mud and with applications – this is when you wrap dirt), souls (again de Vichy and Charcot) and massages (like Hydro and manual – hands).

Postpartum rehabilitation (only 6 days, by the way) also provides for sessions for restoring torn tissues (massage) and mineral gas baths.

Plunge into the dirt is very nice

Sucking and drinking waters Patients recreationers can engage in gymnastics in the gym and aerobics – both in the hall and in the pool.

But only to be treated – it is, of course, boring. In Lake Alia, you can swim, there are conditions for water skiing and rowing.

You can go on canoeing on a small river artificially created for this. Along her – and on the shores of the lake – special tracks are laid for walking and running.

The entire gentleman’s set: tennis, horse riding, handball, football, volleyball, rugby, cycling club, and a golf club created in 1908.

The city has a magnificent opera house, the hippodrome, casino and about a thousand boutiques, and in the suburbs – aid, where for a reasonable fee is given to jump with parachute. For the best acquaintance with the surrounding area you can rent a small aircraft with a pilot.

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