Plovdiv – Bulgarian major tourist center, a city with a richest history, a country’s cultural center, besides almost in the middle of Bulgaria. It is in Plovdiv that international exhibitions, forums and festivals are held, and it is in Plovdiv that the Ancient Greek Theateron is located in Plovdiv.

Plovdiv – One of the oldest cities in Europe, his age – about 3 thousand years. It is located in the south of Bulgaria, on both sides of the Maritsa River. It is believed that the most beautiful cities in the world are located on the hills. And indeed: Plovdiv fully justifies these words.

The sights of the Old Town of Plovdiv are interesting: so, here tourists can admire the fortresses who belong to the Thracian era, see the medieval residential buildings, a magnificent Roman amphitheater and much more. It should be noted that Plovdiv is the center of contemporary art of the country.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria Rest, Reviews, Hotels of Plovdiv Travel Guide

The nature of Plovdiv is beautiful: in winter it falls here, and then the city becomes like a fabulous vintage castle. In the spring and summer, Plovdiv literally immerses in greenery and colors.

Plovdiv will be interested in the first place to tourists who prefer sightseeing holidays and are interested in the history and culture of Bulgaria.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria Rest, Reviews, Hotels of Plovdiv Travel Guide

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