Plot Jinshanlin on the Great Wall

The Jinshanlin section is another section of the Great Wall of China, which is difficult to access and does not benefit from tourists. I am writing about all such sites in the blog, and not in the main selection of articles about the sights of China.

Jinshanine Section is 130 kilometers in the northeast of Beijing. In the West, she goes to the Gubaiou plot, and in the East to the Simatai plot, which I wrote about the blog recently (link at the end of this article).

Advantages of visiting Jinshanin

At visits to this section of the wall has its advantages. First, this is the absence of a crowd of tourists, which are found on the wall of the Badalin and Mutyanyu sections. This is logical, a high-speed train to Badalin provides a gigantic attendance to this section of the wall, and Mutyanyu is a place, a favorite bus tours and excursions in Beijing.

It is very difficult to get to Jinshanlylin, and his excursion agencies "don’t complain". As a result, there are almost no visitors here.

This advantage is very dubious. Think ourselves, you will not have enough great chinese wall? In Badalin, many tourists, but no push no. You can see yourself, looking at the photo in the article "On the greatest Chinese wall".

Jinshanin is not located in Beijing, but in the neighboring Hebei province. That is, visiting Jinshanlyn, you can safely argue that they were in several provinces of China, and it will be the truth.

Jinshanlylin is famous for its sentiers. There are two-tier towers that rarely see on other sites. There is even a tower of three floors here, but it is impossible to see it, as it is located in a closed part.

About the towers will tell you in detail later.

Figures and facts

Jinshanlin’s small section – a little longer than 5 kilometers, while half of it is closed for tourists. Partially it is restored by modern restorers, and partially remained untouched by them.

The first wall here began to build in the yuan dynasty in 1358, but continued with the Ming dynasty. Ending construction – 1389. At the end of the reign of mines, the wall was rebuilt from 1567 to 1570. This update of the Jinshanlin section was headed by the famous General Qi Jigian, famous for the protection of North China from nomads and victory over Japanese pirates.

Along the walls of Jinshanin there are 5 passes and 67 watchdog towers, and such a concentration of towers and gates is considered a record on the Great Chinese Wall. The wall itself is collected from bricks weighing 12 kilograms each, which is also unusual.

The word ‘Jinshanlin’ itself translates like ‘Golden Mountain Range’. The wall passes on two ridges of the Golden Mountain – Small and Big. Hence the name.

The height of the wall on this site is 7 meters, the width of the structure – 5 meters. Watching towers have a height of 10-11 meters.

The most interesting towers

On the Jinshanlin region, you can watch two-story towers, which will not meet, for example, in Badalin. The first floor served to conduct a battle, here are loafers for shooting. The second floor had an economic purpose – storing weapons, ammunition and provisions, and was also used as a temporary barrack for soldiers. The most famous – is a big and a small tower of the Golden Mountain (Big and Small Jinshan Towers).

Big Tower Mountain Gold has two floors. The second floor was used for relaxing the walls of defenders. Her feature – it eaves and rafters made of polished bricks.

Another four towers known for its legends. According to legend, the tower Vanzhishlu was built using stone beams that are here brought Er Lang Shen – nephew of the Jade Emperor. Let me remind you that the Jade Emperor – a mythical figure, and his nephew, of course, also. This is just a legend.

The main tower was built in memory of Wu Guyiha. This is a girl who sacrificed her life during the next invasion of nomads from the north in the Ming.

Two more towers – Black and Taochun were erected in honor of the two women – Haig and Taochun who have made great contributions to the construction of the Great Wall of China.

The cost of entry

65 yuan from 16 March to 15 November.

55 yuan from 16 November to 15 March.

Plot Jinshanlin on the Great Wall

A ride on the cable car – 40 yuan one-way.

Working hours

From 8-00 to 17-00, regardless of the time of year.

How to plan time to visit

Plot Tszinshanlin famous for its steep climbs and elevation changes. Of course, this is not a campaign ‘around Annapurna’, but be sure to sweat. In order to pass the entire area, will have to spend 2-3 hours.

How to get

If money is not a pity, then hire a taxi. The cost of travel in both directions and down driver’s – 600-700 yuan.

The second method – a direct bus. He goes only once a day to 8-00 and 15-00 back. Cost – 32 yuan, but if you have the Beijing transport card, the 20.6 yuan. These transport cards I told the record ‘Buses in Beijing’, look for the link at the end of the article.

This bus departs from the Beijing subway station Vandzhin West at the intersection of lines 13 and 15. C to leave access to the line 13 or the output B on line 15, and brings you to stop. Please note that places are limited in the bus!

If you did not hit this direct bus, then there are other buses from here, but not right to the Jinshanlin plot. We’ll have to go on the second bus to the wall. Prices are similar.

On the Jinshanlin section, you can get into organized excursions. Very few sightseeing bureaus provide such an opportunity. Look and find.

Successful trips to the Great Wall of China, and read other blog entries (Links below).

Plot Jinshanlin on the Great Wall

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