Pylon, located in the western part of Peloponnese, left his trail not only in history, but also in culture. It is believed that he founded him by Nels, one of the sons of Poseidon, and the Mighty Center of Ancient Civilization made the king Nestor, putting a pilos into Odin with a powerful mixed state. Ruins of the Palace of Nestor, the construction of the thirteenth century BC, you can see a few kilometers from the center of Pilos and today.

The successful location of the city in the Navarino Bay made Pilos with a ladded piece for many conquerors, the Spartans, and Byzantines, and Turks were noted here. Free the city from Turkish Iga helped, including the our fleet, who came together with French and English in the bay in 1827. In honor of this event in Pilos, a monument to three admirals is established, and the city itself is the city of Naval Glory to Russia.

The region is famous for the Messinia, and especially the neighborhood of Pilos, and its beautiful beaches. One of them, Viodokiya, is considered to be a national park, where many water turtles live, he also affects his beautiful species. On the Romanos Beach, the most fun parties are held, and the Costa-Navarino resort is considered one of the best in Greece: there are many fashionable hotels with excellent service and a modern diverse infrastructure.

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What is interesting to see in Pilos?

Top attractions of Pilos

Fortress neokastro

Bay Vodokille

Palace Nesor

Paleo Castro Fortress

Nestor’s cave

Archaeological Museum Pilos

Monument to Throm Navarham

Pylos: excursions and events

Start a sightseeing program stands with walking along Plos. In addition to the vintage streets, laid before our era, there are large avenues of later eras. In Pilos, many nineteenth-century mansions resembling French architecture. In addition, pylos is also called «Little Switzerland», Thanks to unusual pastel houses, resembling Swiss. During a tour of the city, it is necessary to visit the central square, which is the monument to three admirals established in honor of the Navarino Sea Battle, in which the our fleet took part.

Since Pylos in antiquity was considered one of the main competitors of the powerful Mycenaean Kingdom, it is necessary to go to myxen and compare, whose palace was gorgeous. In mycken, which, by the way, as well as the Palace of Nestor, found the will of the case, are the famous lion gates. Many of the most valuable exhibits with excavations are now placed in the most influential museums of the world, including in Louvre.

Those who prefer excursions to religious topics, it will be interesting to visit the large port city of Patras, one of the biggest on the Peloponnese, or a small mountain village of Kallavrit. The Orthodox Cathedral is the largest Orthodox cathedral in Greece in Greece, in which the relics of St. Andrew the First Called, as well as the cross on which he was crucified. In Kallav, the same, in the monastery, wounded in the rock, is one of the three Icon of the Gospel’s Brush Luke, bowed to which it is possible today.

History Pilos

Climate in Pilos

Plos, Greece Recreation, Reviews, Pilos Hotels Travel Guide

Plos is located in the western part of Peloponnese in the picturesque field of Messinia, famous for a large number of sunny days, which made it one of the main producers of vegetables and fruits in the country. The Mediterranean climate conquering here is favorable here, which provides a steadily high air temperature in summer and the lack of frosts in winter.

Even in the coldest months, the temperature is rarely lowered below +10, and even then at night. In the summer, in the Navarino Bay, it is hot, even the sea breeze does not save, which is not so strong here because of the spacitriors located not far from the coast, which protects the pylon and from storms, and from the waves and from strong winds, taking all the strikes of the Ionian Sea on yourself.

Pylos: Entertainment and Active Leisure

The main entertainment in Pilos are his beautiful beaches. You can enjoy the cleanliness and beautiful species on the beach of Viodokilia, and to feel real solitude in one of the many closed bays around the city with pebble coating. Most water entertainment, as well as good bars there are on the beaches of Romanos and Mati, where night parties are held. Posted Pylos and numerous taverns and restaurants with beautiful seafood, freshest local vegetables and fruits. Most of them are located in the central part of the city or along the coast.

Sports entertainment are mainly in hotels. The largest infrastructure has a golf resort of Romanos Beach, where there is a golf course on 18 holes, a fitness center and a lot of animated sports programs.

Not far from Pilos, in the resort town of Loutraki and one of the largest casino in Europe, which is waiting for guests to day and evening. It is famous for its excellent service and a restaurant with exquisite cuisine.

A little further from Pilos, near Corinth, is the Water Fun Water Park, the only one on the peloponnese. In the park you can spend a whole day, rolling on numerous slides, resting by the pool or dining at the local restaurant. Compatible Visit Aquaparka with the study of numerous attractions of the ancient city.

Transport features Pilos

The main type of transport that is available in the city – taxi service. Since the Plos himself is very compact, there is a little more than two thousand people in it, most of which have cars, the need for regular bus movement here is minimal. The whole city can be waged in a couple of hours, so problems with movement will not arise. In order to get to the main attractions located in the distance from the center, you can take a taxi, the average cost of a kilometer of the path is about 1.5 euros, however, the final cost of the trip can be negotiated and in advance.

Traveling on Peloponnes, including through Plos and its surroundings, conveniently on renting a car. The most common rental services are Hertz and Avis, which are representative offices at all airports and in some major hotels. The cost of rent will depend on the type of car and a particular company.

Plos, Greece Recreation, Reviews, Pilos Hotels Travel Guide

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