Plitvice Lakes – the unearthly beauty of Croatia

V Croatia, Among the impassable forests, which in the old days were called Devilsky forest, At the mountain Dynarik, hid beautiful Plitvian lakes, Pearl and world Heritage of UNESCO. In 1991, Croatian and Serbian partisans hid in the forest during hostilities in Yugoslavia. After the end of the war, the Croats cleared the forests from ammunition, but still travelers are watching the closed territories of the park, where are probably more mines ..

What is the park

16 lakes, Signing each other, and many waterfalls spread and burly At an altitude of up to 1200 m above sea level.

Passed through the park Wooden pedestrian walkways, for which travelers are carefully moving towards each other.

Due to the transparency of water, it is difficult to determine the depth of the lakes. On a mirror stroy, all earthly and water merges in one whole. The water reflects the foliage of all sorts of shades: from bright yellow-green to dense dark brown, changing the color of water. Little fish Breaks float to wooden floors, waiting for food from passing people. Their bayness is broken Large fishing, That and the point is frightening both of those and others, popping out of the water and falling into it again.

Lakes are connected to each other Cascade of waterfalls, appearing here from year to year due to the fact that limestone, or tuff, constantly grow up, forcing the rivers and streams to look for another road. For the year the obstacles are increasing centimeters, gradually changing the river bed or lakes, leaving some kind of dry. The accumulation of limestone occurs in other places.

Plitvice Lakes - the unearthly beauty of Croatia

Some lakes are named The names of the people drowned in them. Prohibiting plates warn: you can not swim, burn fires and walking dogs.

A huge amount of waterfalls is located at different heights. Passing by one boiling waterfall on a wooden narrow track, unexpectedly noticed by turning another. How many of them? Actually nobody knows.

36 caves and grottoes surrounded by unique waterfalls, coniferous forests, beech trees, meadows with all sorts of plant species (only 55 types of orchids) and animals. They say, meet Brown bear, This is notified by a warning plate, so it is better to walk strictly on the route.

Famous Croatian Scientist Landscape, Ivo svalek Somehow said: "There are other waters, lakes, waterfalls and forests, but the Plitvice lakes are only alone. You must see them!"

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