Plitvice lakes – paradise in Croatia

Who would not want from the world of gray everyday life to plunge into the atmosphere of delightful landscapes and nature of incredible beauty? Just like this place is Plitvitsky Park Lakes, Located in Croatia. This article will be discussed that the place is unique and beautiful, and what awaits the traveler who visited him.

The main features of Plitvice Lakes

Locals nicknamed park The eighth miracle of light. And not surprising, because this park, which is the most ancient in the territory of modern Croatia, amazing with its incredible beauty. Cascade lakes forming beautiful waterfalls, borders mountain peaks and thick, lush forests. The park has order 16 lakes with crystal clear water, which acquires heavenly blue, azure and emerald shades. And the caves and all kinds of streams will not leave indifferent even the most experienced traveler.

The park attracts and manits not only numerous tourists. Many beautiful butterflies find the refuge in this amazing place, decorating it. Gentle orchids grow here, as well as many unique plants that are no longer found anywhere in the world.

A few words about geological features

Plitvitsky Park Lakes Has the status of the reserve and carefully protected by the authorities from the destructive impact of man.

Third Park Territory occupy mountain arrays, consisting mainly of limestone breeds. Therefore, rain or melting water, forming noisy, crystal threads or small streams, is easily proceeding. Water is rich in differentmicroorganisms and microelements, including calcium.

For the protection of nature on the territory of the Park, a lot of effort is attached. Any technique, including transport, work only from electrical energy. Here, not to meet a hunter or fisherman, as well as tourists, laying a fire or walking dogs. All this is strictly prohibited by the authorities.

What can be said about climate

Plitvice lakes - paradise in Croatia

Noteworthy is the fact that Plitvice Lakes are located on the border of two climatic zones – Sea and continental. The local microclimate is unique. Temperature is usually a few degrees lower than in the city. And rains and fogs in the park – ordinary phenomena. Remembering this feature, planning a trip to Plitvice Lakes, follows Take a raincoat with you, or other waterproof clothes. In winter, in this place, as a rule, a lot of snow, and Lakes in the park freeze.

Outdoor activities on lakes

Not everyone likes alone walks in the picturesque garden and contemplation of beauty. Those who wish to actively relax, can choose one of the available tourists options:

  • Ski base. Ability to ski from one of the mountain slopes. Among such dizzying landscapes is one pleasure. Skiing, snowboarding or even sledges can be taken in the box office.
  • Bicycle routes, laid in specially reserved places. In this case, it is important to comply with the established rules and not to create inconvenience to hiking tourists.
  • Routes for climbing mountain peak. One of them high in 886 meters. From the height opens an incredible beauty view that allows you to look around a much larger park area.

Plitvice Lakes just fall in love with everyone who visits them. This place remains in memory for many years, and perhaps forever. A park leaves an indelible impression, Therefore, I want to go back everything again and again.

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