Plitvice Lakes – Croatian National Park

Plitvian Lakes (Plitvička Jezera) – one of the most popular attractions of Croatia. In Croatia, it is worth come even only to go to visit this amazing National Park. Park "Plitvice Lakes" – the oldest Natural Park of Croatia and one of the most beautiful parks of the world. The Quran River 144km flows through the territory of the two countries: Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but takes its beginning in Plitvice. It proceeds through the limestone and creates barriers-travertines that form natural dams, as a result of the park, the incredible beauty of the lake, picturesque waterfalls and caves appeared on the territory of the park. The park area is almost 30 thousand hectares, how many lakes and waterfalls here are useless – their number is constantly growing.

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

In the park two entrances – upper and lower. Accordingly, the routes visits will differ, and there are many disputes, which of the routes picturesque. But it seems to us that there is absolutely no difference – the park is incredibly beautiful, and in which part of the park will not be, you will get a tremendous pleasure. Tickets are two species – for one day or two. If you have time and the ability to book a hotel Nearby, take a subscription for two days – you can evaluate several routes on the National Park. We had to confine ourselves to one day, since all nearby hotels were crowded. The cost of one-day ticket is about € 15. Parking at the park is paid, but how much she cost, we no longer remember. Very few places – We, for example, were forced to park on the ground, which are organized along the path in the forest, and not on the asphalted parking. Although this was his plus – the machine stood in the shadow.

I must say that we have never checked tickets. Purely theoretically, especially cunning and economical travelers can try to go through and without a ticket, but why risk?

Leaving the car in the parking lot, we went to the park. The road from the parking lot to the park takes 15 minutes a little step. Personally, we did not strain this, although many popular (and not very) bloggers who visited here, complain about it and want to wish them more often walk – doctors say that it is very useful for the heart. &# 128578;

Plitvice lakes – our impressions

We arrived in the park in the afternoon and met some incredible number of tourists going to meet us. On the one hand, it is good that there were few people during our visit, on the other – we had only 4 hours for inspection, and this, as it turned out, is negligible. Therefore, one of the advice to everyone who is going to Plitvice Lakes Park, come early – see more.

Due to a small amount of time before the closure, we had to confine ourselves to the shortest route. He began with the fact that the electric "road train" took us to the upper lakes. And here the second advice will be useful: Be sure to dress comfortable shoes and clothes – we sincerely sorry the girl who was making the whole route ahead of us on high heels.

You can tell me how much to tell that the studs are comfortable shoes, but believe me that sneakers or sneakers will be useful to you in this place much more. As for clothing, even if there is more than 30 degrees on the street, take a long sleeved sweater with you – the weather here is very changeable. And, of course, go to the water – you are unlikely to find stalls with Shawarma and Coca-Cola. You can eat in the park, and even very tasty, but it is only at the exit.

Plitvice Lakes – an amazing place, and even if you come here every year, you will find all new and new lakes and waterfalls for yourself. Scientists conducted research and found that the formation of new waterfalls occurs due to calcifilagila – chalk plants. In Plitvice, limestone mountains, so water in rivers and lakes is rich in dissolved lime. Calcquils when interacting with water, calcium oxide is isolated and, dying, form solid deposits. All that falls into the water (branches, leaves, fallen trees), as if fossils and produced dams, which grow a few centimeters per year. Over time, they overlap the river, and water is dragging porous, fragile chalk dams and waterfalls arise.

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia - photos, reviews, how to get

On the territory of the park it is forbidden to breed fires, arrange picnics and swim. Despite the fact that you are unlikely to see a sign that bathing is forbidden, this is written on the reverse side of the ticket. The lakes are not cleaned, the fallen trees are not cleaned – in Plitvice they seek to preserve the natural nature.

For the movement of visitors of Plitvice Lakes Park built wooden platforms, and all ferries work on electric traction in order not to clog water by carbon emissions.

Plitvice lakes – Photo

Further comments are superfluous – it remains only to admire the beauty of lakes and waterfalls. One of our readers somehow noticed that there are almost never people on our photos. In fact, everything is simple – we have two little secrets. Secret number time: We almost never go big sightseeing groups, and even if we go, we skip the whole crowd ahead and calmly enjoy the sights.

Secret number two: in places where many people can be potentially, we arrive either to the opening itself, or, on the contrary, to the closure. Of course, it does not always manage, but in 90% of cases works. So welcome to the National Park "Plitvice Lakes" without tourists. &# 128578;

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia - photos, reviews, how to get

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