Plitvice lakes – a miracle of nature in the very center of Croatia

Millions of people come to Croatia only to see 16 fabulous lakes, which are located on the territory of the National Park surrounded by virgin forest.

Perhaps here you can see all the natural shades of the Zina-Green Gamma.

Lakes are interconnected by waterfalls and drives. It seems that all this fantastic landscape sparkles and overflows with a variety of colors and paints.

The reserve is located at an altitude of 400 – 1200 meters. Above the valley of the river is equipped with an observation deck, where you can admire this natural miracle and make a lot of stunning pictures.

Since 1979, Plitvice Lakes includes UNESCO Natural Heritage List. In 1983, the country’s authorities have developed a special program to attract tourists.

A lot of hiking routes are laid in the park, the shortest of them will take about two hours, and the longest – 7-8. In addition to 16 beautiful lakes, there are 140 waterfalls in the park, 20 caves and a unique forest, in which bears, wolves and other animals are completely free. That is why the administration does not advise to delve into the debris.

Plitvice lakes - a miracle of nature in the very center of Croatia

On the territory there are roads for environmentally friendly transport. All this is done for the convenience of tourists.

Hotels built here and special recreation areas have been created.

On each turn hang cards and pointers, so it is impossible to get lost in the park.

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