Plitvian lakes

A tree or bush that fell into the water does not rot in the lakes immediately. It’s all about the water that is rich in carbonates. Plant "Kamenyet".

Almost fjords

Cascades of waterfalls and lakes

If you want, you can rent a boat

The number of fish for one meter in the Lake Skeins

Ducks are not fighting with fish

The child is also delighted

What is the price

Croats call the entrance fee – an entry fee for cash from the entrance will go to maintain and preserve the park, to improve maintenance in the park itself. In the park there are several routes for which you can move. The whole park is viewed for one day – unreal, so here you sell entrance tickets at a discount for 2 days.

Plitvian lakes

The ticket will allow you to use an unlimited number of times buses, ferries, trains. Credit cards are eagerly accepted.

The cost of visiting the Park from April 1 to October 31: Trees 110 kun; Students 80 kun, children from 7 to 18 years 55 kun, children under 7 years old. Two days for adults will cost 180 kun, for children – 80.

How to get

The park has two entrances, the car needs to be left on a paid parking lot. Parking costs 7 kun per hour. Park open all year round, in summer from 7 am to 20 o’clock (tickets for up to 16 hours). From October to April, entry number 2 is closed. In January and February, the lake freeze /

A few routes designated by Latin letters have been developed in the park. The longest route – k, is designed for 8 hours and includes an active walking part. The shortest is designed for 2 hours, replete ferry crossings, he is the most popular route for tourists.

Often tourists stop for 2 days or walk around the park all day, and spend the hotel in the hotel in nearby settlements. The cost of apartments per day on average 40 euros. Rooms are even cheaper.

The lakes have a convenient location, you can visit along the way, heading from Istria to the south (or vice versa), or immediately from the zagreb.

Plitvian lakes

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