Plevla (pljevlja)

Plevla (pljevlja) City in the north of Montenegro, Administrative Center of the Municipality. Population 27,000 people (2003).

The city got its name from rich monastery lands, where cereals were grown.

Pullya is a bright combination of Islamic and Christian religions. The symbol of the city is two cultural, historical and archaeological monuments: the monastery of the Holy Trinity and the Hussein-Pasha mosque, personifying eternal tolerance.

Hussein Pasha – a small fourteen-football mosque, built in 1562 and mainly maintaining his original appearance. The new 42-meter minaret, built in 1911, is striking with its height and grace. The mosque is one of the best monuments of Oriental architecture in the Balkans, built according to the sample of the Byzantine five-football churches, is richly decorated with Persian and Arabian manners.

Plevla (pljevlja)

Monastery of the Holy Trinity – Orthodox Monastery, built in the XII century. The church was re-painted by frescoes in 1592-1595. In a rich sisnica, a special place is occupied by the silver gift of the XVI century.

South-west of Treveni, in the village of Komini, the ruins of an ancient Roman city were found on several hectares, with walls, monumental buildings, urban streets and necropals. Currently, the place of excavations is available for visitors. Unfortunately, only the first letter of the city name is preserved in historical sources, and now this place is a conditional name "Municipality S".

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