Pleshakov Alexander Petrovich

Alexander Petrovich Pleshakov was born on March 29, 1964 in Moscow. Father – Peter Pleshakov, Mother – Tatyana Anodina, since 2001, the chairman of the Interstate Aviation Committee. In 1989, Peter Pleshakov died. The media mentioned that in 1992, Ms. Anodina married Evgenia Primakov, a famous politician and a scientist, in 1998-99, who held the post of Prime Minister of Russia. However, in fact, Tatiana Anodina has never been officially married to Primakov.

In 1986, Alexander Pleshakov graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) in the specialty Designer Engineer, and in 1989 – Graduate school Mai. Worked as a constructor at the Moscow Machine-Building Plant «Speed» OKB IM.A.Yakovlev, an expert of the International Commercial Administration of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

In 1990, Alexander Pleshakov founded an aviation company «Transaero», and since then held the positions of the President, the Director-General, and at present – the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Pleshakov Alexander Petrovich - Biography and Dossier by Turprom

For 20 years of existence, Alexander Pleshakov brought the company consisting of a single aircraft taken for rent, in the second largest air carrier of the our Federation, the owner of the largest in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe of the Park of Dalname-High-Graysheat Aircraft. Airline «Transaero» became the laureate of the prestigious our award «Company of the year» in the nomination «Transport» In 2011, as well as the winner of the AIR Transport World Prize – «Oscar» Among all airlines in the nomination «Airlines – market leader». Of this premium «Transaero» Awarded for an outstanding contribution to the development of the air transportation market and high production indicators. In 2011, the airline transported 8,453 million passengers. It’s 27.9% more than in 2010. «Transaero» grows rates exceeding twice the average industry in Russia. Over the past 10 years, the company has increased its passenger turnout 36 times, and the number of passengers transported 20 times.

Alexander Pleshakov married, he has two daughters. Wife, Olga Pleshakov, has been held by the Director General since 2000 «Transaero».

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