Plescheyevo Lake – Guide to Interesting Places around the Lake

Plescheyevo Lake is a national park, so there are restrictions on visitors. In the guidebook, I will tell you where you can get up with a tent and share my favorite place on the lake, I will describe how to get there, where and how to relax with children, what to see and stay.

You knew that Plescheyevo Lake is Nurserie of the our Fleet?

Peter I here built my first fleet. Around a lot of interesting museums and beautiful places. On the shore of the lake stands Pereslavl Zalessky.

Peter I. Preface to the Marine Charter. 1720:

&# 8230; I began to hold where more water. I was declared Pereyaslav Lake, the most largest, where I, under the way promises to the Trinity Monastery, the mother has elaborated.

How to get to Plescheyev Lakes

It is most convenient to move around Lake Plescheyev on personal transport.

On the shore of the lake there is a major ancient city of Pereslavl Zalessky. Through it passes the federal value of M-8 Moscow – Yaroslavl – Arkhangelsk.

In parallel with the road there is a major railway line from Moscow. Through Pereslavl Zalessky she does not pass. The nearest passenger railway station is located in the village of Berendevo in 20 kilometers from Pereslavl.

Aviation Measures with Pereslavl no. The nearest airports to the city are located in Moscow and Yaroslavl.

Plescheevo Lake on the map

Here it is located on the map of Russia. Map of sights around the lake is below.

By car

From Moscow to Plescheyevo Lake, we are going on the Yaroslavl highway (M8 track), Mimgiev Posada.

From the Moscow Ring Road to the Zalessky Pereslavsky to drive 1.5-2 hours (about 140 km).

Parking in Pereslavl well shown on Yandex maps. On our map also marked several sites where you can leave the car.

By bus

From Moscow, you need to take a bus before Pereslavl Zalessky. Buses depart from station VDNH (Moscow-Pereslavl, Moscow-Yaroslavl, Moscow-Kostroma, Moscow-Rybinsk and DR.).

Travel time – just over 2 hours.

Ticket – from 280 rubles.

From Yaroslavl to Pereslavl Zalessky go round buses. Several times a day, direct flights and a few passing are sent from the bus station. Morning bus from Yaroslavl at 11:30.

In general, you can get on any bus that goes from Yaroslavl towards Moscow or vice versa and drives through Pereslavl Zalessky.

By train

On the train to go to Plescheevo Lake is not convenient.

You can use the trains departing from the Yaroslavl railway station towards Sergiev Posad and the city of Alexandrov. Next transfer by bus before Pereslavl. Buses from both of these cities to Pereslavl.

Distance from Sergiev Posad – 70 km; from Alexandrov – 72 km.

Routes around Plescheev Lake

For one day (1 option):

  • Savior Transfiguration Cathedral in Pereslavl
  • Lunch in the Grand Cafe
  • Nikitsky Male Monastery
  • Blue Stone and Aleksandrovskaya Mountain + Beach at Camping
  • Dinner in the restaurant Victoria Plaza

For one day (2-option):

  • Savior Transfiguration Cathedral in Pereslavl
  • Lunch in cafe cake and borsch
  • Assumption Gorizysky Monastery
  • Petra Botik I
  • Dinner in the restaurant Botik

For one day (3rd):

Inspection Only Zalessky Pereslavsky with lunch and dinner in any of the restaurants that are mentioned above. You can swim on the city beach.

Pereslavl is more convenient to move by car.

For weekends (1 option):

1 day:

  • Savior Transfiguration Cathedral in Pereslavl
  • Lunch in the Grand Cafe
  • Nikitsky Male Monastery
  • Blue Stone and Aleksandrovskaya Mountain + Beach at Camping
  • Dinner in the restaurant Victoria Plaza


  • Breakfast in the coffee shop La Forêt
  • Assumption Gorizysky Monastery
  • Lunch in the restaurant Botik
  • Petra Botik I

For weekends (2-option):

1 day:

  • Savior Transfiguration Cathedral in Pereslavl
  • Lunch in the Grand Cafe
  • Nikitsky Male Monastery
  • Blue Stone and Aleksandrovskaya Mountain + Beach at Camping
  • Dinner in the restaurant Victoria Plaza


  • Breakfast in the coffee shop La Forêt
  • Petra Botik I
  • Lunch in the restaurant Botik
  • Museum of EZh

Good speakers overnight stay below.

Is it possible to go around the Lake Plescheyev?

You can go around the lake, but in the western part, after the recreation center, Plescheevo is a very bad road. From North to South Coast, it is better to ride through Pereslavl Zalessky.

Rest with children on the Plescheyev Lake

Plescheyevo Lake for children is good because it is very small near the shores. Get to the depths to not get the bottom to the bottom, you need to try.

At the recreation center Popov Meadow can relax with children in houses. For some reason it is called camping. They have horses there, chicken, ducks and other animals. Horses can be stroked.

Houses there close to the road. Before Lake Far.

If you want a house with your toilet and shower, then it is better to go to the ure base. There is cheaper than in a pop meadow almost twice and water closer. Read more Read more.

For older children, all the same entertainment are suitable as for adults: windsurfing, kiting, fishing, hiking. More about this little lower in the section about the active rest.

In addition to bathing, children will be interested in the Museum of the Locomotive Cuckoo. There are local guides collect children’s groups and tell them about the railway. This museum for children and adults. You can ride on Dresin, but it happens on it.

5 places to relax with children on the Plescheyev Lake:

  • Berendeya House in Pereslavl
  • Nikolsky monastery
  • Alexandrova Mount
  • UZh Museum (Museum of steam locomotives) in Talice
  • Car Museum in Talice (MUST)

Plescheyevo Lake with a tent

On the Plescheyev Lake you can relax with tents with savages in a specially designated place on the northern side of the lake. There is a paid camping, which is no different from free. Both are located nearby.

At the beginning of the article on the map shows a zone where you can stay with a tent on the shore.

On the territory allotted for tents you can not drive by car.

The car should remain on the asphalt. These are the rules for visiting the National Park. For his violation there is a fine.

In other places, you can also stop with the tent, but here it is convenient, there is a beach, there is where to leave the car. "Other place" is not so easy to find and there will be either impossible to drive by car, or it is not the shore of the lake.

During the entire territory around Plescheyev, the lake can not be breeding fires. For this, too, a fine of 3000 to 4,000 thousand rubles (Codecha RF Article 8.39). If the fire will lead to a fire, this is already a criminal offense and a fine will be 200,000 rubles (Article 262 of the Criminal Code of the our Federation).

Food can be prepared on the tourist gas burner. Fry in the brackets in the mangale.

Where you can stay with the car

If we talk about overnight on the shore of the lake in the tent next to the car, then nowhere.

It is prohibited by two laws at once:

  • Article 15 Paragraph 2 (g) N 33-FZ "On specially protected natural territories"

It is forbidden to move the movement of mechanized vehicles that are not related to the functioning of national parks, running pets outside of roads and waterways of common use and out of specifically provided for this place, alloy of wood for watercourses and water bodies;

  • Article 65 Paragraph 15 (4) of the Water Code of the our Federation T 74-FZ

Prohibited movement and parking of vehicles (except special vehicles), except for their movement on roads and parking on the roads and in specially equipped places having a solid coating.

In the campsite the car will have to leave on the road. But everything is close.

If you are looking for a hotel or house where the car will be under the side, then this is a lot where – read below – there will be names.

Recreation centers, hotels, houses: Where to stay on Plescheyev Lake

Hotels in Pereslavl Zalessky

Recreation centers with access to the shore:

    (closer than all to Pereslavl) (further than all from Pereslavl)


Almost on the shore of Lakes Lakes in houses and relatively cheap, you can stay on the database of recreation and water sports Okhana. They have numbers in wooden cottages, near the beach, to the Petra Botika – 5 minutes and Pereslavl near.

Price for Double Room from 2500 R / Day. Toilet and shower – General, kitchen too.

Cottage whole (for six people) – 7500 R / day.


Urev Located further than all from Pereslavl, but it’s quietly and calm. On their territory you can put tents. Here too wooden houses on the shore of the lake.

Price for Double Room – from 3200 R / Day. More expensive than ohana, but the shower and the toilet will be your in the room.

The whole house with three bedrooms (for 8 people) will cost 6200 p / day.

Eco-Camping Sphere

Very interesting place. Located on the very shore of the lake. Here you can stay in a wooden triangular house, Wigwam, Yurt or Geokuple – a house in the form of a hemisphere. You can take a bike or skis here.

Prices for the house begins from 3700 p / day. The toilet will be on the street, and a shower in an administrative building.

In Geokuple toilet his. But it is more expensive.

In addition to hotels and recreation, in the villages around the lake, local residents will hand over many houses. They have no direct access to the lake. Prices are very attractive.


Catch the fish in the Plescheyev Lake can.

    Plescheyevo Lake - Guide to Interesting Places around the Lake
  • Need to pay 200 rubles,
  • You can not do this network,
  • It can not be caught during spawning (approximately from April 20 to June 10)
  • On the lake it is impossible to use the engine

From the shore nothing big is not to catch – very finely. To get out of shallow water you need a boat. It can be taken for 150-300 rubles per hour, but it will be more expensive at the weekend, at least. The cost of renting a boat is usually already included for fishing.

In winter, everything is much easier, you can reach the depths. In the offseason it can be dangerous. Because of the abundance of underwater springs, ice thickness in some areas may be less safe.

What kind of fish is found (and pecks) in the lake:

  • roach
  • bream
  • bleak
  • Pike
  • perch
  • burbot

There are still carp, trout and sturgeon on the fishing basis. For them you need to pay extra. There you can take a rolling rod.

Pike and perch are better catching in winter, they are albeit too, but it is rare and big luck.

On the turbases on the shores of the lake, you can combine rest with fishing. There are boats, and all the necessary equipment in the hire. On some you need to pay extra for caught fish, then that they are bred specifically for fishermen.

Beaches Plescheyev Lake

On the shores of Plescheev lake many beaches.

They are from all sides and almost every core of recreation. The bottom of the beaches sandy, but the wide sand strip on the beach is only on the city beach. On the rest, if the sand is, then a little, mostly grass.

Sunset everywhere long and small. Wide ring shallow water is moving all the lake.

All beaches and places of rest on the shore of the lake are marked on the map from above.

Swim better in the area of ​​camping or in the city beach. Camping has more space and several goals in the water.

City Beach The most comfortable. There is a lot of sand, there are gazebo, benches and sports ground. Near the beach in the summer you live ducks.

Also, there is a beach of Peter I at the Beat.

National Park Plescheyevo Lake: What can I do that

The whole area around Lake Plescheyev belongs to the National Park. This concept is established by federal law and when visiting the park there are certain limitations.

What can be done on the Plescheyev Lake:

  • bathe
  • walk
  • Night in a tent
  • photograph
  • fish
  • ride a boat without a motor

What you can not do:

  • chop trees and shrubs,
  • tear flowers,
  • Fish nets,
  • Cate in the forest,
  • wash the car,
  • Use a boat engine,
  • Loud listen to music
  • Use dishwashing tools,
  • breed fires, throw matches, cigarette and t.D.
  • litter.

A visit to all national parks in Russia regulates the Federal Law No. 33-FZ "On Specially Protected Natural Territories".

For violation of the rules for visiting the National Park, you can get a fine.

Sights around Lake Plescheev

Map of Plescheyev Lakes

Pereslavl Zalessky

Large vintage city on the lake. There are many ancient temples, including the most ancient temple of Vladimir Rus, trees of ancient fortress, monasteries and museums. There is a city beach.

Be sure to find information on the frescoes on the walls of the Transfiguration Cathedral.


The most famous object of Lake Plescheyev and the most uninteresting. What only by the magic properties do not give it to the sake of attracting tourists. Visit this place is worth it for a tick.

The stone remained here after the departure of the glacier after some time it was found by local pagans, made the object of worship. Then Christianity came and the stone was lying in a ditch for a long time, from where it was dragged to the shore. Lies near the north shores of Plescheyev Lake. You need to go through Nikitskaya Slobod. It’s not to drive past – the road has a pointer.

There are no parking stones, the cars are all left along the curb, but it is forbidden. Almost in the face hanging a sign prohibiting parking, it is not visible from the stone. They say, sometimes drives the DPS car, prescribes fines. I myself did not come across. May be lucky.

To approach the stone, you need to pay 50 rubles.

This fee is not for the stone itself, but for visiting the National Park, the amount is established by law.

After the entrance you get into the corridor between stalls with souvenirs, where you are attacked on both sides. If you managed to pass without buying a ribbon, you can mentally praise yourself.

Legends of blue stone

Despite the fact that this is the most common stone that brought a glacier about 30-40 thousand years ago, we want to believe in a fairy tale and dream that our desires are performed by themselves.

Legend # 1: Blue Stone – Blue

In fact, he is not blue. It is said that the blue shade is noticeable when the stone is wet.

Legend # 2: Stone moves itself, without assistance

There is a legend (with interpretations) that once this stone wanted to use in the foundation of the Orthodox church. While we were lucky, drowned in the lake – the stone went under the ice. But after a while he "crawl" to the shore.

How to get to Myshkina from Moscow – there is no train, but there is a ferry

Legend # 3: Stone executes wishes

If you are very asked and drawing the ancient pagan spirits, the desire will definitely fulfill.

How to make a desire: On the stone you need to leave a small gift, candy or coin. Then mentally ask the stone so that the desire is. After that you need to tie a ribbon on a nearby tree. Ribbons are sold in souvenir shops next to the stone.

Legend # 4: stone treats diseases

If you make a silent place to the stone, the disease will definitely leave.

What would you believe and whatever your thoughts go to the stone, remember: Nadya’s stone, and not the bad. All this is just legends, and sat on the cold stone is unlikely to add you health.

Petra’s first boot

Hence the our fleet.

This shore of Lake Plescheev, 2 km from Pereslavl Peter I chose for the base of his fun flotilla for the base.

The first water descent took place here on May 1, 1692.

Ships were built here and on shipyard in Pereslavl. Now there is nothing left of the Pereslavl shipyard, she was located between the Znamensky Church and the Bank of the River Truzh. Tsar at that time lived in Nikitsky and Goriensky monasteries.

In the Znamensky Church, in Soviet times there was a wine shop. Locals So I remember.

In the museum there is a real Botik Fortune, made by the king. This is the only one, the preserved vessel of a fun flotilla of the king.

There are several other private museums on the territory of the Bem:

  • Pavilion Rotonda
  • White Palace
  • Near the Museum of Gramplastinos

You can have a snack in a cafe boots.

Museum of steam locomotives

Beautiful and interesting museum of the Uzbocole Railway (Railway).

About the locomotive museum there is a separate article, there are all the details

Ecological trail

This is a tenh-meter hiking route through the forest.

Walk takes all day. For orienting on the route installed pointers. See on the map.

Read more about the route here.

Visiting a gray heron (ecological trail)

Walk to the lake and habitats of local birds.

Entrance is free, no one, beautiful, silence and peace. The trail begins from long parking from the north side of the lake. The route comes to the shore of the lake, then turns back. Just about 1 km.

Activities on the Plescheev Lake


About hiking (ecological trail) I already said it in the surrounding forests. They, here, by the way, very beautiful. If you go to the Museum of locomotives, not the expensive, where everyone goes, but to turn in the Kupansky earlier on the old road, then go through the high pine forest. There is very beautiful.

However, just a couple of kilometers closer to Pereslavl will be endless fields overgrown with a borevik height of three meters.

People are engaged in the Miscellaneous Lake People are engaged in windsurfing and kaiting (kaitsurfing). There are places where lovers of these sports are usually going to.

Because of the wide shallow water here is convenient to beginners.

There is an equipment rental station, she is a school of kiting and surf Surf-Pont.

Diving on the lake is not particularly interesting. Monotonous bottom – or rare vegetation. Interesting objects on the bottom no. Visibility is good.

Due to the features of the bottom profile, enter the water more convenient from the vessel or from ice. On one of the diversional sites, the point with coordinates N56º 44.512 ‘E038º 45.788 ‘is indicated as the most interesting for dive.

Boat rental

You can rent a boat in many recreation bases.

For example, rental is in the bases:

  • Urev
  • Plescheyevo
  • Sphere

There is a summer cafe on the banks of the river in Pereslavl Zalessky. It is in the center near the Sergiev Bridge. You need to turn to the Plescheevskaya street and immediately on the left there will be a square, in it cafe. On the other side of the street parking opposite the city administration. Immediately in the only building at the corner of the Rostov and Plescheevskaya streets in the old building there is a cafe La Foret, it can be navigate.

In addition, there is still such an organization: http: // Sailing catalog.RF offering walks on the sailing catamaran on the lake. Can take fishing.

Events and holidays on the Plescheev Lake

Festival Alexandrova Mount

In fact, this festival of historical reconstruction. It takes place every year in the middle – late July.

Festival aeronautics

Event takes place every summer.

For a whole week, the balls fly in different cities of the Golden Ring.

Accurate information about flights, starts of the start, the opportunity to ride and look at the balls themselves, recognize only through the aids of the Yaroslavl region. Here are their website, there are phone numbers. Better call.

Information on other sites, including tourist pereslavl and recreation sites on which the event will be supposedly undergoing may not fit true. They just attract tourists.


From Wikipedia:

Plescheyevo Lake – Morny Freshwater Lake in the southwest of the Yaroslavl region. It is part of the National Park "Plescheevo Lake".

Moray Lake – Lake Educated in Morane, that is, in the relief, which was formed when the glacier was melted.

  • Lake Square – about 51 kV. KM,
  • Paibol length 9.5 km (from the mouth of the river Truzhnya to exit from the Lake Vices River),
  • Maximum width of 6.5 km (along the line of Solomidino village – the village of Gorodishche),
  • Maximum depth – about 25 m,
  • The middle depth – 11 m,
  • Water volume – 0.58 cubic meters. KM,
  • Waterborne Pool Square – 436 kV.KM.

Divers say that the maximum depth of the lake is 26 meters.

Plescheyevo – the second lake of the Yaroslavl region (after Lake Nero) and the 246th Lake of Russia in the area of ​​the water mirror. The age of the lake is about 30,000 years – then there was a period of late Stone Age.

In that period, there were several types of people on Earth: Neanderthals and Cryanonians were not extinct. They saw Plescheyevo Lake not as it looks now. At that time it was larger and the water level was higher. Traces of the ancient shore are still visible from the north side of the lake. High hill where Alexandrova Mountain is now – this is the original coast.

The name of Plescheevo probably comes from the word to splash.

The most famous period in the history of the lake is the period of the fleet of Peter I.

For the first time, the king came here in July 1688. He already had a small fleet in Moscow, but there was not enough space.

Shipyard stood on the banks of the river. This is in Pereslavl. Where now the Museum of the Botik Peter I (at the village of Slahko) was a palace for receiving guests, several workshops and shipyards for small vessels.

From shipyard to the lake conducted channel. He still has been preserved called Voznesensky ravine.

Plescheyevo Lake is a beautiful natural place, I hope the guide will help you find a place to stay in a tent or at the recreation center and will introduce the sights of the lake.

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Plescheyevo Lake - Guide to Interesting Places around the Lake

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