Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places

A small alley next to the central square with trading rows. Sell ​​souvenirs: linen clothes, clay products, spoons, plates, bells. Magnets.

Source: Market on Kalashnaya Street

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
Tanker on the Volga

Summer Volga becomes shipping. Care directs stop in the plete, passing by cargo ships. They are also part of the Plesa landscapes.

Source: Tanker on the Volga

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
Resurrection Church

Stands next to the square. If you rise to the hill near her, then you will be near the domes.

Source: Resurrection Church

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
Wooden resurrection church

Wooden church on Mount Levitan. Long wooden staircase. From the mountain you can see the Warvarian church.

Source: Wooden church on Mount Levitan. Long wooden staircase. From the mountain you can see the Warvarian church.

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
Sunset over the Volga

Runs are better to look from the Cathedral Mountain. Here, the outgoing sun is reflected in the domes of the Resurrection Church.

Source: Sunset over the Volga

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
Pier in Plesa

On the banks of the Volga. There is a big jacket for boats.

Source: Pier in Ples

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
Monument to Vasily I and Assumption Cathedral

Monument to Vasily I and Assumption Cathedral

Source: Monument to Vasily I and Assumption Cathedral

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
View from the Cathedral Mountain to the Central Square

View from the Cathedral Mountain to the Central Square

Source: View from the Cathedral Mountain to the central square

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
Gate at the Cathedral Mount

Gate at the Cathedral Mount

Source: Gate at the Cathedral Mount

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
Levitan House Museum

Source: Levitan House

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
View of the Volga from the Mountain of Levitan

View of the Volga from the Mountain of Levitan

Source: View of the Volga from the Mountain of Levitan

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
View from the Mountain Levitan on the Barbarian Church

View from the Mountain Levitan on the Barbarian Church

Source: View from the Mountain of Levitan to the Barbarian Church

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
Crosses on Mount Levitan

Crosses on Mount Levitan

Source: Crosses on Mount Levitan

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
Gazebo in a private area

Gazebo in a private area

Source: Arbor in a private area

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
Bust I. AND. Levitan

Bust I. AND. Levitan

Source: bust and. AND. Levitan

Ples as native: attractions, secrets, top places
Artist at the Cathedral Mountain

Artist at the Cathedral Mountain

Source: Artist at the Cathedral Mount

Ples – the most famous city in the Ivanovo region. He is known, mainly due to Isaac Levitan. On the Plesa Embankment, you can walk, considering the Volga landscapes and vintage merchant houses. I tell how to get to the splas, what sights to see and what you can do in the Ples.

To see photos of the Plove, click on the block above.

Levitan spent several years in the Plea and wrote his most famous work here. Landscapes and views of the Reta, he began to attract universal attention to this small Volga Town. Since then, the fame of the splas began to grow.

In warm summer days, the narrow streets of the Ples are not able to accommodate all coming. So on weekends entrance to the city on cars is limited. At the entrance to the Plot organized parking.

Recently, changes in the city are especially noticeable. Built new restaurants and tourist bases. Streets and squares are repaired.

What to do in the Plesa (a lot to walk)

Ples – city in high shores of Volga with beautiful views, old merchant houses, temples and small museums.

Rest in Plesa is:

  • Walking on foot – from a hill on the hill, on the beautiful streets and the embankment along the Volga,
  • motorboat or motor ship,
  • Skiing and snowboarding in winter.

Sights of Ples

During the Pandemic of Coronavirus, visiting the expositions of the Plesa Museum-Reserve is possible only by appointment by phone: .

Sights of Ples on the map:

The map shows important places and interesting routes for walking in Plesa.

Cathedral mountain

This is the historic part of the city with beautiful views of the Ples and Volga. Especially good there in the fall.

The height of the Cathedral Mountain – 54 m above the Volga level.

On the mountain you will immediately for the bus station. Drive or pass along Cornilov Street, past the Trinity Church, there the road turns cool and down, and there will be a small parking and a gate for her.

From the parking lot along the edge of the hill there is a trail with a fence. Go first on it, look at the city from the height. Then she will bring you to the building of the present places and the monument to Vasily I.

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin

Assumption Church stands on the site of the ancient Pleska fortress. Built in 1699 instead of the burnt wooden church. Before the revolution in the Plesa was 2 temples. Nearby standing Kazan Cathedral, But he is not preserved. In his place is now a wooden cross.

Posted building

The former building of the county administration Times Catherine II. Now there is a small museum.

Main collection – Archaeological finds and other historical exhibits related to the Pleas. Sometimes there are temporary exhibitions.

Bridge over shochonka river / Photo by

Funny exhibit – Stone love. This is a huge boulder in which someone once reviewed the male sexual body. Previously, the stone just stood on Lenin Street, at the corner of a private house, and in 2011. He was appointed as an object of cultural heritage and sent to the museum.

For the possession of the stone had to be sued with his owner, who claimed that her grandfather gave her grandfather, and not ancient priests.

I rang Pavel Herkina, Plesa historian and archaeologist asked about stone. He told that it was Voon – Konovyaz, Special stone for horses binding. Hence its specific form, for that he stood on the street. Nevertheless, the legends about the Stone of Love in the Ples every year becomes more and more.

  • Ticket – 150 USD
  • On Mondays the museum is closed.

Monument to Vasily I

Opposite the building of the present places is a monument to Vasily I.

Vasily I – Son Dmitry Donsky, Founder of Plove.

Before the revolution, the official year of the foundation of the Ploves considered Year of construction of a new fortress (for customs fees) by decree of Vasily I – 1410.

Monument set him in 1910, to the 500th anniversary of the Plove. After the revolution, the bust from the pedestal disappeared, but in the 50s it was found in one of the museums of Nizhny Novgorod and returned to the place. Now the pedestal is a copy, and the original is kept in the museum that in the building of the present places.

Pleskaya Fortress

Along the southern slope of the mountain preserved the shaft of the second fortress 1410.

When the first fortress was built, it is not known. It is only known that there was a major posted. The courtyards were located in several rows along the Volga. Hoody workshops flourished in Posad, thanks to the location of the city on the largest river and the main road of the country in those days.

On the site of one of the fortress towers there is an observation deck, contours and design repeating the lower crown of the tower found on the excavations in 1990. / Photo of the author

In line with Volga, directly opposite the city, there was a large rocky shallow. Passing ships could not independently go through, the help of local pilots was required.

In 1237, the Tatar-Mongolian army came from the east on Russia and spread all the minor principalities in turn. The top of the Volga region fell under the Golden Horde in 1238. In the chronicle, this is said: "And the film is all along the Volga even to Galic-Mersky". In the same year fell and the Pleda fortress.

The next fortress was erected in 1410 year By order of the Grand Duke Vasily I Dmitrievich, the son of Dmitry Donskoy, for defense of approaches to Kostroma and collect taxes from vessels passing along the Volga. In Kostroma, the prince was hidden from the besieged Moscow in 1409, the order of the Golden Horde.

In 1429, the army of Kazan Khan Makhmuta Hazi burned Ples together with the fortress. Soon the fortress rebuilt anew on the old basis.

Finally, the fortress in 1609 ruined Poles. Despite the fact that archaeologists did not find in her place of fire traces. Therefore, it is believed that the fortress has already rotted at the time of the arrival of Polish interventory. After that, the fortresses did not build fortresses.

Mount Levitan (Petropavlovskaya)

It you will see from the Cathedral Mountain on the right, if you face the Volga. Petropavlovskaya Mountain inspired Levitan when he wrote a picture "Over the Eternal Region" (1894.). Her huge copy hangs behind the church.

It’s better to climb Wooden stairs, which begins on Kirov Street. At different stages of lifting there are benches.

Upstairs you are waiting:

  • Sculpture of Levitan
  • Wooden resurrection church
  • Graveyard and Poklonnaya Cross
  • Chic view of the Ples, Volga and Barbarian Church

Resurrection Church – This is not the one that is depicted by Levitan.

He portrayed the Petropavlovsk Church, which in his time stood on the same place. In 1903, it burned. Temple that stands on the mountain now, brought here from the village of Bilyukovo in 1982. He, like the Petropavlovsk Church, was built in the XVII century from wooden logs.

This place was created, cut the bushes on the slopes of the hill, installed a big worship cross. Petropavlovsk cemetery There is a real one around the church, but it is already difficult to see it and instead of the tombstones now there are wooden crosses on the woven manner, which put in the our northern. The first burials were made here in the XVI century.

Where now the transformer substation was another cemetery (exit from the mountain on the Vichuga passage). Stone Petropavlovsk Church (1845) stood on the cemetery (1845), which remained partially near TP and in the Soviet period, the substation was in it (now she was abandoned, but the church can still be found).

House-Museum of Levitan (the former House of Solodovnikova)

The main museum in which those who come to the Ples.

House-Museum of Levitan in Plesa / Photo by

Museum is good, but very small.

They say different things about him, someone likes, someone comes out disappointed. Do not expect to see there huge halls hung on the paintings of Levitan. There are only a few rooms, one of which is reconstructed in the style of the time when the artist lived here.

Paintings quite a bit, there are originals and reproductions.

Go here still advise. This is part of Levitan Plove. On the second floor, the artist lived and wrote his paintings. The house is not his own, Levitan removed the room from the merchant Groshev in 1889.

Ticket – 200 rubles.

Bust Levitan next to the museum / Photo by

Next to the museum installed Bust Levitan. The artist spent three years in a row in Ples – in 1888, 1889 and 1890. Ples inspired it.

Museum of the Landscape (former Grown House)

Here are the landscapes of different our artists. The museum is also small. Often in this building pass temporary exposures.

To get there, go along the promenade downstream of the Volga (right), almost to the very edge of the city. Near the little pine pie will be a large white building.

Ticket – 150 rubles.

There is a sculpture in the square Daclin – Girl sitting on a bench. Although it looks more like a merchant daughter or wife. Perhaps at the end of the XIX century, the dachas looked exactly so. Take a photo with Ne.

Museum Art Fields of the Ivanovo Territory

Small Museum in Trading Rows. Inside the fabric of Ivanovo manufactory, painting of Phane and Holow.

If you want to learn a little more about what the artists in the Ivanovo region have been doing and do, look here. Textile production is now in decline, it is rather history, and Palekh’s lacquer miniature alive. In Paleh, too, you can call, there is a museum. If you go from Nizhny Novgorod by car, the fly will be on the way to the Ples.

  • Ticket – 150 USD
  • Information about tickets for tickets, temporary exhibitions and mode of operation of the above museums can be found on the website of the Plesian Museum-Reserve.

Trade area and rows

This is the center of Plesa.

The place is not particularly interesting, but it is also impossible to pass by, and it will not work. From the side of the Volga Square rests on Building of flour rows 1840. Sold in them, mostly flour. The grain was brought along the Volga, there were water mills on shochonka, where Moli Flour.

Rows still shopping – in every arc, a small store.

Left high temple with golden domes – Resurrection Church (about it just below). Her foot of the Wooden Resurrection Rows is Novodel.

Right – cafes, restaurants, souvenirs in vintage houses and former Fire World Building 1885 the buildings. On the first floor you can see the outline of the gate. The second floor occupied the police, then it was converted to residential premises. Now almost completely abandoned.

Between two white buildings, colorful signboard – Kalashna Street. This is a shopping street with different souvenirs.

Resurrection Church

Let’s go back to the Resurrection Church. The most beautiful view of it will be from the top of the neighboring hill.

You will find yourself at the level of domes on the background of the Volga. This is one of the most beautiful types of rend. Climb upstairs by the stairs just above the shopping area (ul. Nikonorka) or go a little further on Lenin Street. There will also be a rise. For brave and strong there is a cool slippery path directly opposite the church (behind the wooden temple of Mikhail Archangel).

Inside the church is not so beautiful as outside. In the evening, turn on the backlight and the dome begin to glisten the golden scales.

Temple Mikhail Archangel

This is another wooden temple in the pop. Stands near the Resurrection Church.

It was built in 1825 in the village of Antonovo (not far from the Ploves). In the Ples Temple transported in 1989., Restored and set near the Resurrection Church.

Varvarina Church

Built in 1821. Stands away from the center, behind the museum of the landscape. You will see it when you walk in the Mount Levitan.

Other attractions

In addition to those attractions that I told, there is something else to see in the Ples. Here almost on every street eyes clinging. Somewhere a beautiful private house, somewhere the gate, a barroom, gazebo or drain. In Plesa, beautiful drainage at home.

Patient embankment at the top of the splats / Photo by

Ples as native sights, secrets, top places

From the Levitan Museum, walk on Nikolskaya Street and Kirov Lane, find The smallest house in the mold, House with dragons, gingerbread houses, urban monument.

Go to the western part of the city. Go through the cobblestone embankment along which water splashes about the boat of local residents. Possess Cat Muhu, Sit on the bench with Daccus, Look at the eyes of Levitan on a wooden church on top of a hill.

Lay the road K Reserved birch grove From the eponymous painting of Levitan, and she will also inspire you for something. At least take a photo that is not lost in the phone’s memory, but will become a special memory of a small town on the banks of the Volga.

How to ride a boat along the Volga

There are 2 options:

  • From the pier near shopping rows all day runs a small motor ship,
  • Local motorboat owners on duty all over the shore.

I liked the second option. Circle on the water area of ​​the boat makes 30-40 minutes. Here you have an individual excursion, you can ask to stop in order to take a picture. And it costs it’s not much more expensive.

Boats along the embankment a lot. Just come to anyone in which someone sits and ask.

Where to swim in the pop

In Mland 5 beaches (see Map):

  • Near the Sanatorium Actor-Ples
  • City Beach
  • Omaha Beach Beach on site Fortation-Rus
  • Small Beach in Milovka
  • old beach

All Beaches in Mland Sand.

The easiest way to swim on the first two, they are in the top (left from the market area) part of the city and next to each other. Previously there was a very good old beach, but he was spoiled in trying to refine and now he is abandoned.

Where to stay in Plesa

We now turn to the practical part of the trip. Find where to stay in Plesa is easy. Almost every house there is a guest room, apartments and hotels. It’s hard to find a free space. If you want to go on weekends and holidays, look for accommodation in advance.

On the Internet, traditionally book a hotel, apartment or house on Buking. If you have never used, here is the instruction.

Most popular hotels in Plesa:

  • Sanatorium Actor-Ples
  • Boutique Hotel Sophie
  • Hotel Restaurant Private Visit
  • Sanatorium Silver Ples
  • Villa fortification

I like Sophie’s hotel (this is not advertising). Accommodation in it is not cheap, but when you see it, you will definitely want to live there.

Tip: If you are not afraid to climb and go down the hill 2 times a day, it is better to stay at the top. Prices there are lower than below.

How to get to the Plove by car (easy), bus (also easy), train (impossible)

You can get to the reached Three ways:

  • by car,
  • by bus,
  • on the Volga on the ship.

On the train to the Ples not to get. Railway and railway station here.

33 Sights of Vladimir – the most interesting

The motor ship at the Plesian berth / photo of the author

In the Ples on the car

Trip to Ples by car from Moscow (Please note that through Ivanovo in short, but longer, because there are many sites of a narrow road):

  • distance (through Yaroslavl and Kostroma) – 400 km
  • Time on the way – 5.5-6 hours
  • distance (through Vladimir and Ivanovo) – 370 km
  • Time on the way – 7-8 hours

From Kostroma to Ples:

  • Distance – 75 km
  • Time on the way – 1 hour

From Yaroslavl

  • Distance (through Kostroma) – 150 km
  • Time on the way – 2 hours

From Ivanov:

  • Distance – 70 km
  • Time in the way – 1 hour

From Nizhny Novgorod:

  • Distance (through Balakhnu, Myt, Vichugu) – 280 km
  • Time on the way – 5 hours

Is it possible to enter the millet on the car

In the high season (the end of the spring – the beginning of the autumn) entry into the Ples on the car is limited due to a large number of tourists.

When you arrive, you will understand why. The town is small, everything with the machines there will simply do not fit. The historical part was built in the XIX century, so parking was not provided.

How to enter the millet on the car?

To do this, you should have a hotel reservation or rented apartment in the city.

There are still twineth trails, but they are better not to use. They will drive up closer, but do not enter the historical part of the city. And even if you manage to get into the center by car, among the crowd of walking tourists you will only suffer.

On two entrances to the city are equipped with large parking. You will find them on the map above.

For locals in the Plove entrance free.

In the Ples on the bus

By bus to Ples, you can get from the bus station in Ivanovo, the bus is also walking from Moscow.

With Pleas only bus service. Also here you can come on a cruise ship along the Volga.

Bus schedule to rend

Bus schedule Moscow – Ples (from M. Schelkovskaya):

  • Departure: 18:00, daily.
  • Arrival: 01:30.
  • Ticket: 910 rubles.

Bus schedule Ples – Moscow (up to m. Schelkovskaya):

Departure: 09:05, daily.

Bus schedule from Ivanovo bus station:

Accurate bus schedule there and back can be found on the official website of Ivanovo bus station.

All buses in Ivanovo stop at the railway station on the road to Ples.

Motor phones in Plesa:

  • +7 (49339) 4-33-50
  • 8 (910) 992-44-16

Video: Types of autumn splas with quadcopter

History of Plesa

The history of the Ploves has more than 850 years. NSHerv mention in the chronicles refers to 1141. These are the times of Yuri Dolgoruky, to the Mongolian invasion for almost 100 years.

Ples is immediately referred to as the city, because in those days the city considered all that the fortress walls had. And the Ples was a fortress in the high bank of the Volga. Defended the northern lands of Vladimir-Suzdal Principality.

Prechristian period

Kurgan’s excavations indicate that people settled in these parts earlier IX century. At that time, at the site of the modern splas, the fortune of the Merry tribe was. This is a Finno-Ugric tribe who lived in modern territories Yaroslavl, Ivanovo and Vladimir regions. With the arrival of Slavs, the tribe was assimilated.

WITH X century The Earth of the Upper Volga region was part of the Kyiv Rus, while she did not start crushing at the principality. Pleska lands were in the territory of the Vladimir-Suzdal Principality.

It was then that the history of the splas began, although this name he received much later. V XI-XIII centuries The local settlement was called Chulil.

On the territory of the Museum of History of Pavel Herkina in Plesa. Unfortunately, the museum closed / Photo by

Read also a guide to the Golden Ring of Russia

Times of the our Empire

In the future, the Ples develops as a merchant city. Sometime, all his current attractions appeared.

Trade here flourished thanks to the Volga. Ples was the most near Volga port to Ivanovo and Shua. The city of Ros, in 1778 year became the center of the Plesa district of Kostroma vicarity.

Square on the mountain over the Resurrection Church / Photo by

In the economic notes drawn up during this period, it is: "In it (PLES) there was a linen factory, two maltented factory, two brewers, a state salt warehouse, 10 forge and nine shopping shops, in which merchants and burghers traded with different silk, paper, linen and wool goods. On a plain factory, the fabrics of different colors of the mothers and equestunuts, who were taken away for sale in Moscow, in St. Petersburg and partly sold in the city and nearby at the fairs ".

V 1871 From Ivanovo-Voznesenska built a railway in Kineshma – a city located 50 km below the Ploves by Volga. Slowing izhevoy message between the Ples and Ivanovo-Voznesensky could not compete with him and the Ples froze.

There is a story that the Plesa merchants looked off from the railway branch in the Ples. They were afraid of competition. As a result, the road was built to Kineshma. A similar story can be heard in almost every village on the Volga. Therefore, its validity is in doubt.

However, the railway in all Ples also tried to build up the revolution and later, in the Soviet period. In the Volga region traces of embankments, leading towards Ples. But the story turned so that this way no one will finish.

In any case, since the development of reach, as an industrial city and the shopping center has stopped. Merchants and artisans partially moved to Kineshma. Incidentally, preserved street with the name of Plyos.

The visual image of the pre-revolutionary Ples help make photographs Prokudin-Gorsky, paintings Levitan and Makovsky.

A new stage of history – a tourist center

History reaches, as a tourist center, began with the arrival here the famous landscape painter Isaac Levitan.

He then praised the small quiet town of his paintings. And now the name of the artist attract people. Pleso is the house-museum and. AND. Levitan, a former house of the merchant Solodovnikova. Levitan stayed here during their visits to Ples.

And it is a monument to the artist Vyacheslav Fedorov from Ivanovo-Voznesensk / photo of the author

Now Ples – one of the most visited places in the Ivanovo region.

Tourism is thriving: to build a hotel, opening new restaurants and museums. Several years ago, the scope of travel services expanded ski slope, equipped with a lift.


  • Try to arrive a few days Ples. Though he is small, but the best viewing sights Ples leisurely stroll around the city and admiring the scenery.
  • Do not attempt to drive on Plyos by car, it will only get in the way.
  • Comfortable shoes will make you feel your feet a little longer.
  • Book accommodation in advance. Hotels here every season more, but they still can not cope with the influx of tourists. In the busy season all.

Tell us what crannies Ples was able to visit you, you liked it? I forgot to tell?

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Ples as native sights, secrets, top places

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