Pleasure price. Public House in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the few Muslim countries, where the prostitution is legalized, and this is not all the oddities of this Asian country: "My Planet" told about what Bangladeshstrian is good, the our is not understood. ". The oldest broth of "Kandapapapara" in the area of ​​Tangilet about 200 years. Three years ago he was demolished, but quickly restored, since the National Association of Women’s Lawyers convinced the country’s highest court that evicted sex workers illegally: prostitution is also work, and these women do not want to do something else. The main reason was that many were born and grew here, they have nowhere else to go after the destruction of "Kandapara". Now the territory of the public house is surrounded by a two-meter wall. In essence, this is a whole area with narrow streets, where grocery shops, cafes and street traders are located.

"Kandapapara" – a place with his hierarchy. At the lowest stage – girls 12-14 years old, which were sold to the brothel native due to extreme poverty or criminality. They belong to Madame and must pay it a certain amount that occupies a certain time: from year to five. Girls do not have free money and can not even go outside.

After repaying the debt of the girl becomes independent. They have the opportunity to choose customers and have their own money. They can even leave the brothel, although they are solved for this a few, because the exercise of prostitution for people from the outside world is the inclusive stamp shame. Plus Earnings from the priestens of love is high enough and permanent, which gives sex workers to help financial families.

Pleasure price. Public House in Bangladesh

In addition to victims of traders, human body have those who come to a public house on their own will. Many women run away from brutal and powerful husbands.

The brothel customers are a variety of people: police, politicians, farmers, fishermen, workers, teenagers. Some of them are just looking for light sex, others remain longer in the hope of finding a permanent connection and even love. After all, in decent districts of Bangladesh, a young man can not even take his girl by his hand in humans. In the public house it is freer, no matter how paradoxically. And therefore you can even see how men just drink tea with female workers (the relations of the ancient Greeks with heterlers differed very similar motives. Read more – in our article "One day in ancient Greece"). And in the brothel you can carry forbidden to Muslims alcohol, and Wolne women do not wear hijab.

Pleasure price. Public House in Bangladesh

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