Pleasure and fun in Singapore on the island of Satozez

If you do not think your vacation without resting on the beach, entertainment attractions and neighborhood with nature, then Satoze – the perfect place for you. Everyone will find here to do, and get great pleasure from spent.

Square on the island of Satoze

Sentose is the island of entertainment, which presents a huge variety of all sorts of entertainment. Spend a day relaxed or get the adrenaline dose in Universal Studios Singapore® Amusement Park. Relax actively and in the open air will be able to those who will go on the scenic route Sentosa Nature Walk.

Traveling on Senthosis It is worth starting with Mount Faber (Mount Faber), with stunning views of the sea and Singapore skyscrapers. You can climb the mountain on the cable car.

Cableway to the island of Satozez

The end station of the cable car is in the heart of the island, the place of Imbiah Lookout. Here, on the top of the Mount Imbiah (Mount Imbiah), more than 11 attractions are open for you. Go along along the jungle trail trail before the attraction Skyline Luge. Singapore / Skyline-Luge-Sentosa /). This is the only mountain-trail in Asia – 650 meters long, from which you can ride on special sledding. For three moments you will drive around the picturesque slope, right to the beach Sillaozo. This entertainment is especially loved by tourists with children.

Attraction Skyline Luge

At the foot of the Mountain of Gias spread the beach Sillaozo (Siloso), the best of three on the southern shore of Senthosis. Holidaymakers are presented with bars, restaurants, volatility sites, as well as kayak rental, bicycle and roller skating points.

Dreamed to take pictures with a star of sports or show business? Go to the Singapore branch of the famous museum of wax figures MADAME TUSSAUDS. Here on eight thematic and fully interactive sites can be populated by imitating the struggle with famous athletes, performance on the stage in the popular group or meeting one one with a star of global.

You can drink tea with Audrey Hepburn on the island of Sentoza

One of the best Spa hotels in Asia – Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Resort & SPA – settled on the beach Sillaozo and is able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Best Spa Hotel on Satentose Island

Spend time on the beautiful shore of the South China Sea. Here there is a lesson for everyone – rest on the beach, a bike ride or flight on the flying trapeze tarzank.

Stroll along the embankment east to the Family Beach Palawan (Palawan). Calm water surface and a gentle entrance to the water makes this place convenient to relax with children.

Swimming on kayaks is very popular on Senthosis

Do not miss the opportunity to go through the suspended bridge leading to a small island – the southernmost point of Continental Asia.

Bridge on the southernmost point of Asia

The most calm beach is located on the eastern shore of the Island of Satozez and is called Tanjong (Tanjong). Here are those who want to spend time in silence and solitude, enjoying the rustle of waves and tranquility in the shade of palm trees.

Privacy on the beach tanjong

Free transportation on Sentoza island. One of the stops – Resorts World ™ Sentosa – Resort, which combined 5 star hotels, shopping galleries and entertainment centers of world-class.

Here is the hotel Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, decorated in the Spirit of Rock and Roll. Alive are some of the best in Asia Entertainment Centers – Universal Studios Singapore® Amusement Park and Water Park S.E.A. Aquarium ™.

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

Entertainment Park Universal Studios Singapore® – One of the main reasons to come to the Senthosis with the whole family.

Children especially fun in Universal Studios Singapore

Pleasure and fun in Singapore on the island of Satozez

Here visitors are immersed in the attractive world "Hollywood". Daily slides, bright shows and attractions are based on the plots of popular films and cartoons: "Transformers", "Shrek", "Madagascar", "Jurassic Park" and others.

Cartoon attraction "Madagascar"

Get ready to experience your imagination at the Museum of Optical Illusions Trick Eye Museum.

Tourists in Trick Eye Museum

Become a part of the 3D paintings and take a picture of the turtle, in a tighten jump with a parachute or hanging over the precipice. In the TRICK Eye Museum Museum is possible.

Feel yourself in the glacial period
Hang over the abyss

Visit Maritime Experiential Museum ™, which demonstrates visitors to 1,100-year-old history of the Sea Silk Road, which connected Europe and Asia. In the exposition – more than 400 artifacts, including a full-size copy of a huge ship for the transportation of Treasure Admiral Cheng-ho.

Museum Maritime Experiential Museum
Copy of a huge ship in the Marine Museum

It is worth looking at Marine Life Park.

Water park on Senthosis

This is one of the largest oceanariums in the world in which more than 800 marine inhabitants are found.


Total on the island of Sentose over 60 attractions and entertainment and recreation centers. You can only highlight enough time on them and choose the most interesting for you and your satellites. And you may not doubt: Whatever your ideas about perfect rest and entertainment, they will all be satisfied with the Singapore Island of Satozez.

Pleasure and fun in Singapore on the island of Satozez

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