Pleasant surprises for tourists in Dominican Republic

About what unpleasant surprises are waiting for tourists in Dominican, I already talked in one of the previous records. And now I will tell you about what good surprises are waiting here tourists. They are not less.

Surprise first – do not need a visa

The ours do not need a visa to Dominican, to this country of our citizens are allowed without any allowing documents, although not free. The authorities of the Dominican Republic found an original way to charge a fee for entering their territory.

This is a "tourist map". Externally, it does not differ from the migration card, which tourists fill in the entrance to other countries, but with one difference. Its blank is not free and costs 10 American dollars. Agree, not such a big fee in order not to collect documents and do not wait for the design of the visa. Example of filling the map We recommend seeing our article by reference above.

Second Surprise – Positive Country

You will immediately understand what is the country of Dominican, as soon as you go with an airplane. The article on the link you will find photos of merry musicians who are involved in creating this atmosphere.

Partially this feeling is created artificially in resorts in favor of a fun holiday of tourists. In fact, life in the Dominican Republic is "not sugar", although the country is one of the leading sugar cane exporter. This is a poor country, and even your famous beacon of Columbus in Santo Domingo, they include only very large holidays, as they save electricity.

In any case, the positive and vitality in them is much more than in ours and other Europeans. This is my purely personal opinion.

Surprise Third – If your hotel in Punta Canoe

Dominican Beach Tourism Center is located in Punta Cana, and if you choose where to go to Dominican Republic, then this resort is one of the best options. The airport is located here. If you have successfully chosen the hotel, then the way to it can take only 10 minutes.

Surprise Fourth – good choice of excursions

The excursion program here is diverse, although the east of the island, where the best resorts of Dominican Republic are located, is considered a "province". For lovers of art and entourage, excursions are arranged in the city of Artists Altos de Chavon. The best beaches in pristine civilization can be viewed on the island of Saon, and children will like the zoo with exotic animals and shows of various animals in Manati Park.

And of course, skating on quadciccles, different safaris and a lot of different. Only here is a good and large water park in the Dominican Republic. This, of course, grieves a bit.

There are no ancient historical sights in Dominican, as the island was opened by Columbus in 1492. According to historical standards it was quite recent. Read our article "History of the Dominican Republic".

Surprise Fifth – Cheap Diving

If you dreamed all my life to dive with aqualing and look at corals and fish, it is best to do it here. First, diving and Dominican Republic is cheap, secondly – this is the Pure Caribbean Sea, thirdly – these are interesting places for immersion, including sunken ships.

Surprise Sixth – Alcohol Good Quality

These are not resorts in Egypt and not Turkish hotels, it is Dominican. Here guests are honored with high-quality rum and cocktails based on it. Alcoholic drinks of very good quality, and the vast majority of hotels in the country works on the "All Incusive" system.

Surprise Seventh – Calm Sea

Pleasant surprises for tourists in Dominican Republic

If we consider the weather in the Dominican Republic for months, then you can rarely meet a very bad situation. There are rains, but the sea is almost always calm. This is not Goa, not Thailand and not Sri Lanka. In Dominican Republic, do not exhibit red flags and do not guard the coast from tourists.

Most of the Dominican Resorts is located on the coast of the Caribbean, which is much calmer than the neighboring part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Eighth surprise – many exclusive gifts

We wrote in detail about it in the article "What can be brought from Dominican Republic". Here you can buy truly exclusive things.

Stone "Larimar" can be found only in Dominican Republic and no place more. Moreover, its export is prohibited, and in jewelry stores in Russia you will not be able to buy it. Of course, smuggled from Dominicanna, but it’s easier and cheaper at such a decoration to go here.

In Dominican, you can buy red and blue amber. This stone can no longer be called exclusive, as such types of amber are found in other countries, although very rarely. A special value is the amber with interspersed insects inside, and most often such instances of amber are found in Dominican.

Surprise Ninth – Low prices for all

Dominican Poor Country And everything is cheap – coffee, rum, cigars. Prices in Dominican Republic on food may seem just funny. This is used by many tourists, "Bitting on the full coil". Just consider that in the resort zones of labels with price tags may not be so attractive. If you want to look at the real Dominican Republic, go to Santo Domingo.

Also, do not forget that the symbols of the American dollar and the Dominican Peso completely coincide, although the cost of these currencies is quite different. Look at this link Dominican Peso’s course to the dollar.

Have a good surprises in Dominican, and if you want to learn more about the cost of the vouchers, read our analytical review: "Dominican Republic – Recreation – Prices", there we described in detail when it is profitable to buy a tour and how much it should cost.

Pleasant surprises for tourists in Dominican Republic

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