Plaza Major is one of the main attractions of Spain

She has A large number of items. Unstable political situation in the XIX century influenced the frequency of change of the names of modern Plaza Major. Madrid Square received the name "Constitution Square" 6 times throughout the XIX century, as well as in the same century 4 times was named royal. After the creation of the first Spanish Republic in 1873. Square got a new name – Republic Square, However, after 3 years, this place was re-turned into a constitution area and kept this name for more than 60 years, until he received its modern name.

Market. Before the start of the construction of any facilities in the territory of the Square, local residents called it "La Laguna de Lujan". In the XV century, this place began to call Plaza del Arrabal (Translated from Spanish "Arrabal" means "outflow"), since it was located outside the city wall. At that time, the territory of the square played the role of a randomly organized set of outlets, which were famous for a wide choice of various products.

The place of mortal executions. The above-described area was a well-known place to bring the death sentences in the period of active activities of the Inquisition of Spain. The famous reporter Isabel Gea Ortigas, which thoroughly examines the history of the capital, says that those people who lose their own head because of the knife or ax, had the opportunity for the last time in life to look at the construction Casa de la Panaderia, And others who died due to the comphicia, were located at the time before the building Casa de la Carniceria. In the future, the location of cruel executions was moved to Plaza de La Cebada, however, during the time of staying in the territory of the Pyrenean Peninsula of the French troops, public death sentences began to be carried out again at Plaza Major.

377 balconies. Absolutely all balconies of the bakery house placed near the square go on four sides of the world. In 2017. Balconies Casa de La Panaderia were an important part of the Music and Poetry Festival of the Christmas Festival. During this event, the submission of various masters took place, and a concert dedicated to poetry was held. At the festival, artists who performed musical works in such styles, like Soul, Funk, Jazz and Flamenco, were especially honored.

Plaza Major is one of the main attractions of Spain

114 Arok. These structures are depicted on absolutely all postcards that demonstrate the most magnificent objects of the capital of Spain. 8 of them are places through which you can get to the area. At the moment of time, sellers and other ordinary people negatively respond about the aisles along the arches, because they are the cause of all sorts of problems, in particular, begging.

Each lover of metropolitan history will definitely appreciate the appearance of the area described above.

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