Plaza de Sibeles Square

Madrid business card – Plaza de Sibeles Square His name received thanks to the fountain of Sibleles (Kibeli), which is part of the magnificent trio of fountains Boulevard Prado. But the main attraction of the square is the building of the post office / connection or the Palace of Sibelis, which is externally reminiscent of the magnificent palace, and not exclusively unitary building.

In the architectural solution of the main building of Plaza de Sibels – the post office is used by such a number of colonnade, turrets, which the building immediately called the building «The wedding cake». However, such a number of decorative elements is dictated by the style of the post office built in the style of art nouveau in 1917. Architects of this creation were Spaniards Hoakin Otamyi and Antonio Palacios.

Plaza de Sibeles Sightseeing Madrid Travel Guide

Nowadays, the Madrid mayor. Another building representing the decoration of the area, the building of the Spanish Bank. Eclectic in the architecture of this building combines glass dome and stained glass windows. The building was built in 1884. There is a legend that from the bank to the center of Sibelas Square is leading a well-fortified tunnel, because it is under this area there is a storage of the golden stock of Spain. Legend is it? Who knows..

Third Pearl Square Palace Linares or, as it is also called, «House of America», Because it is in it that various cultural events in Latin American topics are now held. In addition, the building is a picture gallery and a small museum. The fourth facade, which, of course, attracts the facade of Buenavist Palace. This palace was built as a residence of the Duchess Kayethani de Alba. However, she died earlier than the construction ended.

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